Esther Wang, 16, went missing from Golden Ears Park between Canada and the US. This article covers details surrounding Esther’s mysterious disappearance as well as her incredible return from wilderness survival.

Esther Wang was hiking through Golden Ears Park with her friends on Tuesday, 27 June 2023 when they reported losing sight of Esther during the hike. Sources have claimed she lost touch with them along the journey and never made it back together again.

Esther went missing just 15 minutes after leaving a lookout, prompting them to search quickly without success and calling law enforcement after unsuccessfully conducting their search. A park ranger eventually summoned assistance while another park ranger requested additional search efforts on Esther’s behalf.

Search Operation Must Be Vigorous
The search operation involved sixteen search and rescue teams from Fraser Valley, Sea to Sky Corridor and Lower Mainland regions to search the 62,000 acres that make up Golden Ears Park.

Esther Wang had been missing in the forest for more than 50 hours when, on Thursday night – June 29, 2023, late one evening she miraculously reappeared!

Reuniting Family Ryan Smith, manager of Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue Team, stated that Esther’s physical preparation, planning, and favorable weather played a huge part in her safe return home.

Esther was found unharmed after being examined by B.C. Emergency Health Services; according to Wendy Mehat, Superintendent RCMP of Vancouver. Esther did not suffer any major injuries except minor mosquito bites.

Esther’s family expressed their thanks and sought privacy so they could recover fully from this traumatising event.

Lessons for Future Hikers
Authorities took this chance to offer guidance for individuals venturing out into nature: ensure they bring essentials such as:

Emergency shelter, clothes, food and water for survival; firestarter; first aid kit with oxygen supply and bandages (need one per hiker); flashlight (to navigate effectively in darkness); navigation aids or aids such as navigational aids/pocket knives/navigational aids or devices/signaling tool/device for navigation/signalling tool or device for signalling device (if available); spare batteries for sun protection as a minimum). It is advised to share information regarding where they will go hiking plans with someone prior to embarking upon this adventure; especially as regards when and how soon you expect to return.

Conclusion of Article (Excerpted from Wikipedia):
No official announcement has yet been issued as to where and why Esther disappeared, though she returned home safe but exhausted and was received warmly by her family upon arriving home.

Esther Wang’s remarkable recovery as an amateur hiker stands as testament to both her courage and resilience in facing wilderness environments and community support in times of emergency. Her miraculous return is proof of Esther Wang’s determination.


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