Louisiana State University women’s basketball, LSU Tigers won the NCAA National Championship in this year’s competition, beating Iowa State. Major controversy erupted over the team’s antics during the finals, and after they became the champions. Angel Reese and Flau’jae Johnson were the stars of these controversies. Reese led the team in their “fight” with the White House, during the controversy they had with President Joe Biden. They have also appeared together on podcasts and TV shows, which highlights their chemistry.

Fans are now speculating the two could be more than just friends and that there may be more. Angel Reese posted a photo of herself and Johnson with the caption “if she’s rocking, I’m rollingin!” We locked innn@Flaujae. The pair were seen flexing blue and red clothes as fans enjoyed their show.

Some fans have speculated that Angel Reese, Flau’jae are “possibly dating”. This is because they noticed their chemistry and that they always stayed together. Both walked through arguments and controversies together, and never left each other alone. Reese and Wayne were always together, whether it was when Wayne wanted Flau’jae to play the “vixen” or when NBA Youngboy wanted Reese to join him on the same track.

They have risen to a stardom level that is bound to spark speculation. Are they dating at all? 

Is Angel Reese dating Flau’jae?

At this time, the answer to this question seems to be NO. Angel Reese does not date Flau’jae Johnson, her teammate and best friend. Although there were several rumors that the two might be dating, no official reports or statements have been made. Reese & Johnson both maintain that they are “single”.

Please stop.” Please stop .” Her friend Flau’jae also teased the player by saying , “You know I am jamming to this Youngboy” as she entered the locker room. All of these things pointed to the fact that Reese is not dating Rapper NBA Youngboy.

Fans can speculate as long as the pair maintains a bond and chemistry that is unbreakable. It will be interesting to watch how their careers develop in the future. Angel Reese, Flau’jae Johnson and the sky are the limits.


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