Sterling Scoot Henderson is making waves in basketball and has already proven himself as a promising NBA talent. Henderson is the youngest NBA G League player ever. He has competed against professionals far beyond his age. What do we really know about Scoot Henderson?

Scoot was born on February 2, 2004. He is the sixth child of the Henderson family. Scoot spent most of his childhood living in Marietta. He was surrounded by sports. Scoot Henderson’s father Chris Henderson is a former basketball coach and his family runs a training center in Marietta.

Scoot Henderson’s parents both encouraged him to play sports. Three of his sisters played college basketball. How influential were Scoot’s parents throughout his basketball journey?

Who is Scoot Henderson?

The Hendersons. Scoot Henderson, his mother Crystal Henderson, on the right, and Chris Henderson, on the left.

Sterling Henderson is Crystal and Chris Henderson’s sixth child. The basketball prodigy’s childhood nickname, ‘Scoot,’ has stuck. He is now known as either ‘Scoota or ‘Scoot.’

Chris Henderson is his father and he is the trainer in charge of NextPlay 360deg. Scoot Henderson’s mother Crystal Henderson is a health administrator and helps run New Play 360deg.

Chris and Crystal, who are both athletically inclined, encouraged their children’s passion for sports. Scoot Henderson’s parents are extremely supportive of Scoot and his basketball career. They often attend Scoot’s games.

Where are Scoot Henderson’s parents?

Chris Henderson and Crystal Henderson lived in Hempstead at first. Scoot Henderson’s parents moved from Hempstead to Marietta where Scoot is born. The Henderson family owns the basketball training facility Next Play 360deg, located in Marietta.

What was Scoot Henderson’s parents’ occupation?

Chris Henderson is Sterling Henderson’s dad. He is a basketball coach by profession. He runs the Next Play 360deg training facility and coaches young players. Scoot Henderson’s mother Crystal Henderson is a health administrator and helps to run the sports facility.

What’s the estimated networth of Scoot Henderson and his parents?

Scoot Henderson has been involved in basketball since his childhood. The family runs the Next Play 360deg training facility in Marietta. Scoot Henderson’s parents are estimated to have a net worth of 8 million dollars by 2023.


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