Gerard Pique reportedly was upset that his children were forced to change schools during the academic year. The Spaniard separated from his ex-partner last year, and Shakira moved to the United States. The Colombian moved to Miami with her two children.

Pique, according to reports was not happy that Shakira wanted to leave and stop their children from attending school in Barcelona. This disagreement caused a fight between the former couple. To make moving easier, the Spaniard wanted his children to finish another year of school in Spain. His arguments, however, seem to have been futile as Shakira, her two sons, and their mother are already in Miami.

Pique and Clara Chia, his girlfriend, had just flown to Abu Dhabi for an exclusive resort. The couple enjoyed a few days of solitude before returning to Spain. Pique, who has his ten-day allowance per month, has flown from Spain to Miami to spend time with his children. He will return to Spain once the ten days are up. Pique, however, has already spent 5 days with his kids earlier in the month and will only spend the remaining 5 days with them during his short visit to the States.

FC Barcelona falter against Rayo Vallecano

FC Barcelona lost its recent match in the league against Rayo Vallecano 2-1. Los Franjirrojos were tenth in the league before the match, so a win for the leaders seemed inevitable. The hosts were able to steal all three points from the game.

In the 19th minute, the hosts scored their opening goal. Fran Garcia doubled the lead in the second period. Barcelona managed to score a goal at the 83rd-minute mark, as Robert Lewandowski scored his 18th league goal of the season. The goal was a consolation for the visitors, who returned to the Catalan Capital empty-handed.

Three of the Blaugrana’s last four matches have ended in a loss. Camp Nou may be feeling complacent, as the Catalans are 11 points ahead of Real Madrid. If the leaders do not come up with another winning streak in the last stretch of the season they may be in for some trouble, as Real Madrid might make a spectacular comeback.


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