Gerard Pique went on a trip with Clara Chia in the Middle East. After the split of the 2010 World Cup winner with Shakira the couple has been living in Pique’s apartment in Barcelona.

The couple is thought to have flown to a remote Middle East location to celebrate Chia’s 24th Birthday. According to reports, Chia was unable to join Pique in celebrating the occasion because of the break up between Shakira and the owner of FC Andorra. The former couple had a public and lengthy spat that saw the Colombian release two diss tracks on the Spaniard.

According to reports, the couple chose this location because it provides privacy. The couple is hoping that the site will provide them with peace and security from paparazzi. The couple is expected to return to Barcelona in two weeks, as the UCL three-time winner has to attend to business in the USA.

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Gerard Pique to be in Miami to help kids with their finances

Shakira with Pique and their two sons.

Gerard Pique will reportedly be in Miami this week to resolve certain financial issues involving his children. The Spaniard is expected to travel to the USA by the end of this month to meet his former partner, and his two children.

Lorena Vasquez, a Spanish journalist, reported that the Spanish football icon had already set a date. Vazquez said , “It’ll take place at end of month.” According to the lawyer, the ex-couple will also discuss different details, such as their children’s extracurricular activities. He asked, “Who pays?” How the money will be paid. The type of activity that the children will be participating in (will be determined )”.

According to reports, the Spaniard will spend no longer than ten days with his kids in Miami. The lawyers of the former couple will work out all the details about the children’s lives. The children have moved to a new continent and are currently living with their mother, maternal grandparents, in order to settle into a new school.


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