Find out more about the incident involving Huellitas Photos Tweet. Vanessa adopted the dog but certain pictures raised concerns. Continue reading to find out more.

Do you enjoy puppies? Would you like to have one? Even though they are cute, taking care of a puppy is a challenging task.

A young woman adopted a puppy and seemed to treat it well. Social media videos and pictures reveal that the woman was cruel towards her dog.

Social media users are curious to know what the posts say. Continue reading for the latest information about Huellitas Photos Tweet and what happened to this puppy

What’s new?

Vanessa, an industrial technological and services baccalaureate centre 86 school student at CBTIS Huauchinango in Puebla, did something shocking. She adopted a puppy named Huellitas but she had a dark side.

She posted a video of the puppy bleeding and being beaten on Facebook. On 16th June, 2023, students from the same school are going to demand justice.

Is your puppy dead or alive?

According to the given information, the minor murdered the puppy. Vanessa “N”, confessed to her crime in a chat with one of close friends. The conversation was recorded on screen, and it revealed that Vanessa had adopted the puppy to then kill it.

It’s sad to see the puppy die in such a cruel way. The Sin Censura photos and videos of this puppy have everyone shocked and upset.

Students Demand Justice for Huellitas

The incident angered many people, including CBTIS students. Students wanted justice for the dog.

They asked the principal to expel Vanessa “N”. Vanessa was asked to apologize publicly and teachers of psychology and humanities were encouraged to receive more support.

The animals were also given more information on the proper way to care for and respect animals. Animal Protection Law obliged them to notify the Prosecutor of the Twitter incident that involved Vanessa.


Many people have been upset by the incident with Huellitas dog. Students of CBTIS86 are demanding justice. Animals deserve to be treated with love and kindness. The supporters intend to notify the authorities of the incident.

Until now, there have not been any such reports. Social media is still a place where pictures are circulated without restriction.


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