Do you know the main plot of Landmine Clicking film? Do you understand the plot of the film? This is the only post you need to visit if you haven’t seen it. The film was in Georgian. The film was widely covered by the media. The horror thriller is popular around the world.

The article today will provide all the information you need about Landmine Visit Wikipedia as well as additional details on the storyline of the feature film. The article is below.

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Land Mine Goes Click was made in Georgia. In recent years, this film has become a popular trend on social media. When it was released. Storyline has made the film news. When it was released, the film generated a lot of buzz on internet platforms.

Landmine Goes Click, a Horror-Thriller film from 2015, is one of the best films released. The film was originally created in Georgian, and later released in English, Georgian, and Russian. Landmine Goes click Plot has been discussed following the virality of the film. The script also included his name. The script. The script was written by Levan Bakhia, Lloyd S Wagner and Adrian Colussi. The film’s original title was “Landmine Goes Click.”

The Landmine Goes Click premiered in the Portuguese Festival of Films at the back on the 3rd of March 2015. The film was released in Georgian cinemas on June 1, 2015. The production lasted around 100 minutes. Spencer Locke is one of the actors. Sterling Knight, Kote Tsaava and Giorgi tsaava are also in it. Landmine was controversial because it is a Click plot summaries. The film received a score of 5.9 out of 10.

The plot of the film has caused controversy since its release. After the film’s release, it was widely discussed on social media.

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The horror film “Landmine Goes Click”, released in 2015, has been the subject of most discussion on social media. After its release, the film became a topic of controversy. The plot of landmine is called Goes Click ends. It describes two tourists who are entangled by an arm-spinning mine while on a hiking trip with their best friend. They are avenged by their friend, who makes them walk over an unexploded mine. The assistance that arrives is not theirs, as one American tourist was attacked, and another left helpless. The friend who is the best among them succeeds in retaliating against them. After its initial release on June 1, 2015, the film received mixed reviews. After its Landmine click scene, the film was trending across multiple online platforms.


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