Naveen-ul Haq, who plays for the Lucknow Super Giants in Afghanistan and for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, got into a fight recently with Virat Kohli.

Naveen-ul Haq is a player from the Lucknow Super Giants, and Afghanistan. Virat Kohli of Royal Challengers Bangalore was recently involved in a fight.

Virat Kohli, the Indian cricketer, and Gautam Gambhir, the Indian cricketer, were seen having an animated conversation after the match. It’s not entirely clear what prompted the angry response.

Many online entertainment clients have pointed out the similarities between the experiences of the two IPL venues as a reason for a strong response.

LSG players, including Gambhir as their mentor, were seen reacting with aggression during the first leg of their match in Bengaluru. It was a tight affair.

In Lucknow on Monday, the apparatus returned to its starting point. Kohli became very animated each time a LSG player was excused.

In the 17th round, he even had a verbal spat with LSG Afghanistan enlistee Naveen-ul Haq.

The photos don’t reveal who started the fight, or what was said. Amit Mishra separated Kohli and Naveen in the match footage. The other LSG batsman at the crease and one of two umpires.

The former RCB skipper was constantly pointing at his shoe, and saying something to Afghanistan’s player.
Naveen and Dhoni were pictured together after the match between LSG and Chennai Super Kings. Kohli was naturally mentioned in the reactions to the photo.

After the match, LSG’s Naveen-ul-Haq (left) and Kohli (right) were seen shaking hands with RCB Glenn Maxwell.

Gambhir pulled Mayers away from Kohli’s visit. Gambhir was then seen charging towards Kohli despite LSG players. Included the injured captain KL Raul in restraining Kohli.

In the end, both teams had players surrounding Kohli and Gambhir when they were in a heated debate.

Kohli initially appeared to be backing Gambhir. However, it was actually veteran spinner Amit Mihsra. RCB Captain Faf du Plessis and LSG Assistant Coach Vijay Dahiya. All hailing from Delhi, they intervened as the argument grew heated.

Could you ever listen to the latest tunes on Gambhir and Kohli are no strangers to face-offs despite the fact that they were both teammates in the India team, and even played together on the Delhi State team.


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