Lionel Messi has been controversially suspended from Paris Saint-Germain due to his trip to Saudi Arabia. He missed two weeks of training at PSG. The superstar’s ‘punishment,’ however, was reduced when he apologized to his teammates.

He has to travel to Saudi Arabia because he is the ambassador for Saudi tourism. Messi did not inform his manager Christopher Galtier, or higher authorities at PSG about the trip.

For this reason, Messi has been suspended for two matches by the upper management of the club. The Argentine released a video apology on social media once he knew. On 8th May, 2023, just before the Awards Messi returned to Le Parc des Princes in order to train.

Messi trained alone, as the rest of his squad was on a day-off. He was suspended for two matches and missed the match with Troyes. Now, due to the video of his apology, the higher authorities at the club have confirmed Messi’s participation in the next match on May 14, 2023 against Ajaccio. He will still miss out on his two-week salary, which is worth 1.6 million euros.

Why has Messi’s contract not been extended with PSG yet?

Messi joined Paris Saint-German in 2021, after leaving Barcelona. He stayed for two years. In the summer of 2023 he will be moving outside Le Parc des princes. The club has extended his contract and wants him to remain in Paris.

Messi has not been able to win the UEFA Champions League title in Paris and has also performed poorly in the last two years. Lionel Messi is struggling to reach the same success at PSG as he did with Barcelona.

Messi also was not treated well by the fans when he left to go to Saudi Arabia. He was booed by PSG fans on several occasions. These reasons are not enough to stop Messi from signing a new contract with PSG.

Messi is waiting for Barcelona’s offer to extend his contract. The seven-time Ballon d’OR winner still wants to play at Camp Nou. Messi currently has two offers, one from PSG and another from Al-Hilal.

Barcelona has not yet made an offer, but the club is working hard to get him back. On the other hand, MLS has also been speculating about signing the Goat to bring him to America. According to many news reports, Messi will be moving to the Saudi League in the summer.


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