She attended many events with her children, including concerts, restaurants and car races. The artist has appeared with great music, sports and acting stars. The Colombian singer’s social life was described in detail in reports. It is said that the Miami lifestyle, which she enjoys with her family, is one of the reasons why Shakira chose to move permanently there.

“It is clear that Shakira did not enjoy her stay in Spain”. “She had a hellish time in Barcelona.” “It is obvious to us that Shakira felt bored in Barcelona. She must have lived a hellish life and her only hope was her love for Gerard Pique.

Carlos Vives’ cruel betrayal to Shakira

Shakira posted a video with a text a few days ago, in which she paid tribute to Carlos Vives. She had worked together on ‘La Bicicleta. It is evident that the two are very close friends. Her words, particularly at the end, caused quite a stir in social media. She said: “Your legacy represents us all. It will build for us, and soar high over the mountains like a Condor.”

The words made many users believe that Carlos Vives was dead. It is not true, because now Carlos Vives is accused of betraying Shakira after commenting on a photo of Gerard Pique with his partner Clara Chia. Fans noticed on social media that the photo of Gerard Pique and Clara Chia had sparked hysteria.

When reviewing the publication, the Colombian singer has disappeared. Team Shakira followers responded quickly and harshly to Vives. “Carlos Vives, who is supposed be intimate with Shakira gave like the photo of Pique’s girlfriend. Not even Judas dared do so much,” said one fan.


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