Dr. Susan Love was an internationally acclaimed surgeon, researcher, and activist for breast cancer treatment and research during her 75 year career. However, due to leukemia recurrence on July 2, 2023 and despite all of her achievements her legacy will live on through research projects dedicated to breast cancer as well as advocacy campaigns such as this one spearheaded by her.

Dr. Love was born in Little Silver, New Jersey on February 9, 1949. Initially she started as a general surgeon before transitioning into breast cancer treatment – not afraid to challenge traditional practices like radical mastectomy – advocating instead for conserving breast tissue through preservation techniques that would preserve breasts over radical surgery procedures as women made an active decision about whether they wanted them removed.

Dr. Susan Love was an outspoken champion for patient empowerment beyond her surgical practice, writing “Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book”, co-written with Karen Lindsey. This work became widely respected by breast patients worldwide as an invaluable source.

Dr. Love made headlines for challenging the effectiveness of mammograms among younger women, prompting changes to how cancer was approached and treated; advocating more deliberate hormone therapies with careful risk evaluation; her genuine care and exceptional empathy made her one of the most highly-respected members of medicine today.

Dr. Susan Love was a pioneer in cancer care and her approach was deeply beneficial for many patients she cared for. News of her passing left a devastating mark upon many around the globe who knew and appreciated her advocacy work, advocacy advocacy work. Dr. Susan Love left an immeasurable mark with those touched by her advocacy work as she helped fight back against it with innovative treatments and care models such as homeopathy treatment for patients afflicted by it and was an advocate in support of patient rights worldwide.

Ms. Jones will live on in future researchers, activists and medical professionals influenced by her approach to breast cancer research–based on compassion, understanding and patient empowerment–who will continue her legacy of excellence in breast cancer research. Her legacy will live on through them all.

Dr. Susan Love was supported and loved by an exceptional and close-knit family throughout her journey. Born to James Arthur Love and Margaret Connick Schwab, Susan Married Dr Helen Sperry Cooksey in 2004 as a symbol of mutual dedication to and advocacy of LGBTQ+ rights; their marriage demonstrated strong bonds that supported each other both personally and professionally.

In 1993, they adopted Katie Patton LoveCooksey – this case made Massachusetts history by being granted adoption rights to couples of equal gender for adoption purposes. Dr. Love had three sisters including Christine Adcock, Elizabeth Love and Michael James Love whom all helped with adoption proceedings.

Susan Love left behind an indelible legacy of strength and commitment with her groundbreaking work, her unfaltering devotion to family, and her determination in challenging social standards. Her lasting influence will never be forgotten.


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