Cricket is not a global sport, but it’s the second-most popular one on earth. Cricket is considered a religion by the few countries that play the game. The players are also regarded as being gods.

2023 Updates :

Here is a list of the best cricketers in history. These cricketers have been praised for their batting and bowling skills, as well as their fielding ability, in all forms of the game, including Test, ODI and Twenty20. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this report, please feel free to do so.

Sachin Tendulkar :

He is also known as Little Expert and Expert Blaster. Sachin Tendulkar, an Indian cricketer is generally considered to be one of the greatest batsmen in history (after Wear Bradman).

He is one of the top run scorers and 100-makers in Test and One-Day International Cricket. He is the only ODI cricketer to have achieved a double hundred.

Sachin also holds the record for the most Test and ODI games played. He retired after playing 200 Test matches.

Sachin’s Batting Stats:

T20 League78233410033.83113

Final Words

When they grow up, every child wants to be like the players that they admire from India, Australia and Pakistan.


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