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The Russian Army Rebellion:

Online discussion has been dominated by the Wagner Group’s rebelliousness against the Russian Army. Statements from the Wagner Group’s chief have been flooded on online platforms.

There are reports that Russia ordered an investigation of the Wagner Group leader.

Reports say that Yevgeny Pgozhin (the Wagner group leader in the film) declared rebellion on Saturday.

According to reports, the leader Yevgeny Prigozhin of Wagner Mercenary Group released a short video saying that he had been able to move toward Moscow.

Information on the Wagner Mercenary Group

The Wagner Mercenary Group in Russia, is also known by the name PMC Wagner. It is a private military group.

According to reports from Russia, the Wagner Group Telegram is planning to rebel against Russia.

Online platforms were flooded with information about the Wagner Group Telegram Rebellion against the Russian Army.


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