Who is Kye Kelly’s new girlfriend?

Lizzy Musi is the new love of Kye Kelley. She’s a professional drag racer who is renowned for her talent. She is the daughter Pat Musi, who designed drag racing engines. They began dating in 2017, shortly after Kye’s divorce had been finalized. The pair met at a PDRA race and bonded over their love of racing. Kye proposed in a heartwarming moment captured by an episode of Street Outlaws that aired July 31, 2021. The couple’s relationship has lasted despite rumors of a breakup. The couple is looking forward to the wedding on November 19, 2023.

Kye Kelley: Who is he?

Kye Kelley, an American sports car racing professional who was born on June 28th 1985, is currently competing in the TA2 category of the Trans-Am Series. He had established himself in NASCAR racing circles, most notably in the Nationwide Series from 2010 to 2013. He was a talented athlete who excelled in many racing disciplines. His career shows a commitment to improving his racing skills and mastering different platforms. Kye, who is 38 years old, continues to grow and impress with his professional contributions in motorsports.

What is Lizzy Musi all about?

Lizzy Musi, now 32 years old, was born in New Jersey on January 1, 1991. She spent her early years in North Carolina. Lizzy, now 32 years old, identifies as a Christian of Caucasian ethnicity. Lizzy’s father has given her a motorsports background that she uses to create her own identity as an accomplished drag racer. Kye Kelley, who has become one of the most visible drag racers in recent years as she advanced and gained experience, has brought a new dynamic to her public image by sharing their passion for racing. This alliance has endured.

What is Kye Kelly’s net worth?

Kye Kelley is worth an estimated $2 million. Kye has amassed considerable wealth over time. Kye first came into public notice when competing in NASCAR Nationwide Series from 2010-13; here he showcased his abilities as an excellent road course ringer on tracks with complex maneuvers. Today his financial status serves as testament to all facets of his career and influence within motorsports.

How old is Kye Kelly?

Kye Kelley is 38 years old. He was born June 28, 1985 and has enjoyed an active and prolific career since 2010. Since 2010, he has participated in both Trans-Am Series TA2 as well as NASCAR Nationwide Series. From mastering the road courses of NASCAR, to competing in Trans-Am, each phase of his professional career has added another feather to his cap. His age merely serves to demonstrate his dedication and proficiency across different racing disciplines.

Their journey, both personally and professionally, is one of passion, dedication, and mutual admiration.


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