Aleksandar Vukic, an Australian young tennis prodigy with talent and determination who was discovered at age 6, quickly rose through the ATP rankings into one of the Top 100 spots within four months. Thanks to Rad and Ljiljana as well as talent support he quickly reached 100 spots within that ranking system.

Early Years: Alex Was Born In Sydney On April 6th 1996 Alex Vukic was born to Rad and Ljiljana Vukic of Yugoslavia who immigrated together during this turbulent time period to Australia where all three lived as parents were present at his birth and his older brother Vladimir attended as well. All three individuals eventually set roots and settled permanently here after all three decided to flee war-ravaged Yugoslavia for safer pastures in Australia.

Alex and His Family’s Escape From Yugoslavia Rad, disguised as part of another family, fled Sarajevo on an SOS aircraft disguised as one belonging to another family and was forced into military service with Ljiljana, Vladimir and their other male relatives over 18 as forced conscripts; thanks to them Alex was ultimately successful and survived under Communist regime rule.

Rad’s Discovery of Tennis – Launching Aleksandar Vukic’s Career
Rad first discovered his love for tennis soon after arriving in Australia with only $1000 saved up in their account; both parents were successful computer engineers; Rad introduced Alex into tennis and helped pave his path toward future success.

Aleksandar’s Early Tennis Exposure mes Aleksandar participated in various sports as a child, such as football, tennis and volleyball – but tennis stood out among them all as his favourite activity – often following behind his father and brother around collecting balls during games! According to interviews conducted with Alex he would even chase after them around collecting more!

Aleksandar’s Rise to Tennis – Cracking into the Top 100
Aleksandar was driven by talent and determination in making his debuts at major tournaments like the French Open (2020-2023) and Sydney International (2023-2024), reaching both finals during his inaugural event as an ATP singles player: 2023 Open de Oeiras II Challenger final on May 22, 2023 and reaching highest singles rank (87th world ranking in 2024).

Vladimir Vukic is Aleksandar Vukic’s brother. Vladimir provides him with both inspiration and support.
Aleksandar’s six-year-old brother Vladimir began playing tennis when he turned ten. Even through chronic asthma attacks, Vladimir remained active by attending all his brother’s tennis matches; and now works for a private equity company where Alex finds motivation and support from them throughout his career journey.

Aleksandar Vukic’s journey is an impressive show of resilience, determination and family love. Their support will remain an integral component of his story as he advances his tennis competition career.


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