Angus Cloud’s life story was as captivating as his roles in HBO’s hit show Euphoria. Cloud, who was discovered on the streets in New York and became a global star with his effortless performance, had a life story as compelling as the roles he played. The talented young actor was tragically killed at age 25.

Sudden loss and its cause

Fans were in the dark about Angus Cloud’s sudden death on July 31, 2023, in Oakland, California. Alameda County Coroner’s Office recently released information that Angus Cloud died from an accidental overdose of drugs like fentanyl cocaine methamphetamine and benzodiazepine.

Family Statement

“Today has been heartbreaking for us all at Cloud Family as we said goodbye and mourned his funeral last Thursday – especially because his grief over the loss of his father was immense, and caused Angus to experience immense physical symptoms from its effects,” they wrote in a joint statement. Angus Cloud’s creative genius will remain special for all of them because he shared it so deeply as an artist, a friend, a brother, and a son. We are deeply saddened by his departure: His loss has left a gap that cannot be filled.

Euphoria’s fan-favorite Fezco

Angus Cloud became known for his role on Euphoria as Fezco, a good-hearted drug dealer. The show, created by Sam Levinson with Zendaya as the star, received critical acclaim. It also won an Emmy. Fezco was a fan favorite because he embodied traits of kindness, complexity and wit that made him more complex than a stereotypical screen character.

Legacy and Mental Health Awareness

Cloud’s family released a statement that also addressed his mental health struggles. They stated that Cloud was open about his struggles with mental illness.

An Irreplaceable Loss

The news that Angus Cloud has passed away is a tragedy for both the entertainment industry and his fans. We mourn the death of a promising musician, but we also remember the struggle many people have with mental illness and substance abuse.

What is the Road Ahead?

While Angus Cloud’s death will leave those closest with him in a state of grief, it should also serve as a reminder and discussion starter on substance abuse risks as well mental health support services.

Cloud’s life was short, but his legacy as an artist as well as a champion of deeper social issues is sure to resonate long into the future. To honor his memory, Cloud’s fans want to continue the dialogue on such issues.


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