Recently, the pet accessory market has seen an explosion of innovative products. Companies are aiming to improve pet owners’ lives by providing them with stylish and comfortable accessories. Barking Bags is a brilliant new startup from Milton Keynes. They are now about to enter the BBC One Dragon’s Den after winning the prestigious ‘Best New Business’ Award at the Pet Industry Federation Awards. What makes them different?

What is Barking bags?

Barking Bags is the brainchild of Debbie Greaves & Rob Angell. It was created out of a need to have a bag that could carry their essentials for dog walking. The duo often found themselves in need of a bag that was versatile and could carry everything from water bottles to dog treats when they would go out with their canine friend, Maisie. Barking Bags offers fashionable, multifunctional and unisex designs to fill this void. Barking Bags offers a variety of styles, including a crossbody bag or bumbag.

Why are barking bags becoming essential for dog walkers?

The popularity of these bags is increasing as more people realize their utility. These bags are designed for the dog walker of today who wants to be functional without sacrificing fashion. They’re designed to withstand weatherproof use in any climate; ideal for sunny park strolls or rainy night strolls alike! Dog owners love them thanks to their flexible designs and uses; which makes these products highly sought-after!

Does Barking Bags Support ethical Business Practices?

Barking Bags, a pet accessory company founded on ethical principles, is more than just another business. The company’s commitment to sustainability can be seen in the promotion of compostable waste bags. They also believe in nurturing new talent as evidenced by their collaborations between university students. They cement their reputation as a company with a conscience by supporting start-ups, and promoting responsible dog ownership. They visit their Indian manufacturers frequently to ensure ethical production practices.

What features do Barking Bags offer?

Barking Bags, designed by young British designers to simplify dog walking. The bags are equipped with mesh pockets to hold water bottles, wet toys and keys. They also have a poo bag dispenser and compartments that can store mobiles and keys. Some models feature reflective strips to ensure safety on nighttime walks. For added security, the brand offers panic alarms approved by police that can be attached directly to the bags. Users who want to avoid handling dog waste will appreciate the convenience of side pockets that can be closed with a drawstring.

Who can benefit from Barking Bags ?

These bags are created for multiple users, such as dog walkers and breeders as well as show dog owners and pet groomers. Their compartmentalized design makes the bag easy to access and organize; users love this accessory that brings the love of dogs together with functional designs! Google reviews show their 100% 5-star satisfaction rate as proof.

What are the achievements and future plans of Barking Bags?

Barking Bags has received many accolades. In addition to their recent win at the PIF Awards they were also finalists in three different categories at the PetQuip Awards in 2021. The increasing demand for smaller bumbags has led to the launch of a brand new line. These bags, which adhere to the company’s commitment to ethical business practices, are made by artisans in India, and packaged at MK SNAP in the UK, a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities.

Barking Bags are not only a product, but a revolution for the pet accessory market. The brand will embark on a new journey when they appear on BBC One’s Dragon’s Den at 8pm on the 27th of January. Pet lovers around the world are sure to be watching.


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