This article on Big Eyes Coin Scam describes in detail the scam.

What is Big Eyes coin? What is Big Eyes Coin? What is Crypto Currency? This article provides you with all of the information you need about the Big Eyes Coin Scam. People from all over the world are suffering economically. Savings are scarce, and people are curious about where they came from.

Are Big Eyes Coin Legit?

In the past few weeks, Big Eyes Coin has gained a lot attention. Many people are wondering if this is a scam, or a legit opportunity to invest. Before investing, investors should consider a few things.

It is important to do thorough research on Big Eyes Coin Twitter before you invest. There are many websites that claim there is a connection between Big Eyes Coin and scam cryptocurrency presales. The currency is also not subject to any other apparent reasons for doubt.

Some Details About Big Eyes Coins

  • Pre-sale will begin in August 2022.
  • Pre-sale ends on 3rd June 2023.
  • The ECR-20 token is represented by the $BIG symbol.
  • Raising Fund: The fund raised 35 million dollars.
  • Big Eyes Coin Price: Currently, the price of this coin is $0.00052.
  • Maximum Cap: 51.2 million dollars.
  • The event will be held in April 2024.
  • Big Eyes coin supply is 200 billion.

The presale was repeatedly pushed back without explanation. Now, people are wondering if it’s another “Meme Scam.”

Additional Details

This is a cat-themed meme coin on Ethereum. Their official Twitter account is followed by over 40 000 people. The community has been described as “cute and irresistible meme tokens”. They have an active Twitter account and interact with members.

The launch date of the Big Eyes Coin has already been discussed. This coin is well-known on social media. They also have a huge community on Discord. They have provided a whitepaper and audited financials.


The article discussed the Big Eyes Coin and its legitimacy as a meme. There are many red flags when you dig deeper. This investment opportunity is best suited for experienced investors. Investors must do their own research. This is their official twitter page.


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