Gerard Pique’s affair with Clara Chia, while dating Shakira, has received a lot of criticism. After dating the Columbian singer for over a decade, the Barcelona player ended their relationship. Gerard Pique was accused of infidelity months after their breakup. Susy Cortez, a Brazilian model exposes Gerard Pique cheating on his wife.

Susy, also known as Miss Bum Bum, opens her mouth following the breakup of Shakira. Gerard Pique asked the Brazilian model, who is also a friend to Sandro Rosell, for her phone number. Pique asked the Brazilian model ‘how measured’ her Butt when she returned to Brazil.

The Brazilian model claims that Barcelona even sent her a private jet during her time in London. The model was not consulted before the former Spanish International sent her ‘nude pictures’. Model Shakira did not open her mouth to respect her, but now she has decided to make public the secret.

Gerard Pique did not respond to Bum Bum’s allegations. The model said “it was him” that sent the message directly to her inbox. The model tweeted about the dirty secrets of the player. She mentioned Lionel Messi, who was Gerard Pique’s teammate and did not contact him.

Gerard Pique is on the verge of suing Shakira over featuring his son in a video without his consent

Shakira’s new song, ‘Acrostico,’ has received a lot of positive feedback. Milan and Sasha, the two sons who sang with the Columbian singer Milan, also contributed to the song. Celebrities from around the globe, including Wanda Nara, Antonella Roccuzzo and others have responded to the video. Gerard Pique is not pleased with the video. Gerard Pique wants to sue Shakira, and the other producers of this video.

Former Barcelona defender, who split with Shakira because he had cheated with Clara Chia on her, did not take it lightly. According to reports, the player who is also the father of these children was unaware of their features.

Gerard Pique is annoyed that Shakira did not ask for the player’s consent or approval before featuring him in the video. After watching the video, the player knew that his son was in it. The player is so angry that he takes legal action against those in the video.

Gerard Pique had to give up custody of his children, and leave them in the care of their mother. Former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has spoken with his lawyer to find a solution. The former Spanish International will, according to reports, file a lawsuit for the nonauthorized action. Gerard Pique says he has the right, as their biological father, to speak out for his children’s welfare and good.


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