Kid Laroi, originally hailing from Sydney suburbia has quickly risen to become an international star through his talent and artistry. Take a peek into this artist’s life and career!

Early Life and Background Information.
Born into a musical household in Waterloo Australia on August 17th 2003, The Kid Laroi is an Australian musician born August 17th, 2003. Exposure to music began early thanks to his mother who appreciated Hip-Hop artists like Fugees Erykah Tupac Erykah as well as R&B artists like Erykah from her musical tastes as an influence. Her love and appreciation of Fugees Erykah, Tupac Erykah as well as R&B singer Erykah have greatly shaped his tastes in music along with influences like Fugees Erykah Erykah from her favorite Fugees Erykah was her way of showing him and influence that led her mother giving her stage name “The Kid Laroi”, taken from Aboriginal group called Kamilaroi Aboriginal group name which gave birth to The Kid Laroi stage name from Kamilaroi Aboriginal group name Kamilaroi which signifies The Kid Laroi from Kamilaroi Aboriginal group from whom his stage name derives its name from.

Laroi spent some of his youth living in Broken Hill on Australia’s outback before returning home to Waterloo. Unfortunately, Laroi lost an uncle due to a tragic murder which resulted in severe financial burden for himself and his family; yet Laroi remained committed to music regardless.

Rise of Fame Through Meteoric Storm
At 11, Kid Laroi would fill notebooks with his original rap songs. After being invited into one of his friend’s Facebook studios and freestyling for others online, his career took off quickly – leading him on to eventually becoming a Finalist on Triple J Unearthed later on that same year.

Kid Laroi made his breakthrough in 2018 when he agreed to open for JuiceWrld on his Australian tour as the opening act. JuiceWrld became his mentor, taking notice of Laroi’s young talent, which helped guide and direct Laroi throughout his professional journey. This event proved monumentally influential on Laroi.

Laroi signed an exclusive record deal with Columbia Records this year to propel his career further. Laroi first gained attention with Lil Tecca by co-composing three singles under this label titled Diva”, Go”, and “Diva II”.

Kid Laroi draws heavily upon his life experiences to craft music that people can identify with and relate to. For instance, JuiceWrld’s death inspired his song ‘Tell Me Why.’ Meanwhile his mixtape ‘F*ckLove” showcased raw emotions experienced by teenage girl facing heartbreak. Kid’s fast-paced beats as well as catchy hooks made this genre accessible and relatable across genres and demographics.

Personal Life Accolades
At 19 years of age and 5ft 10inchs height he weighed in at 61 kilograms he is Australian with mixed ethnic heritage.

Net Worth
Kid Laroi, in just over one year has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $4 Million.

Relationship Status
Kid Laroi currently enjoys an intimate romantic relationship with Katarina Deme; however, they are currently unmarried.

Awards and Nominations
Laroi’s music has not only proven commercially lucrative but critically acclaimed as well. F*ck Love, his mixtape release has received multiple nominations in categories such as Best Male Artist, Breakthrough Artist and Mixtape of the Year.

Kid Laroi’s ascent to fame on the Hip-Hop scene reflects both his extraordinary talent and dedication, while making waves across international music scenes worldwide. We look forward to his plans for future endeavors!


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