Dr. Boyce Watkins is an award-winning American writer, political analyst, and social influencer. His wife Alicia Watkins – licensed therapist, full professor in Social Work. Together they have made waves in terms of education, economic empowerment, social justice as well as an online masterclass exploring love/money relationships that has changed how many see their financial life as well as emotional life.

What You Should Know about Drs. Boyce Watkins and Alicia Watkins Dr. Boyce WATKINS has become known for his extensive work in finance, investing and education – using this platform to advocate for economic empowerment, social justice and educational reform. In addition to writing several influential books and appearing regularly in national media outlets; his wife Dr Alicia Watkins brings to their collaborations her expertise as licensed therapist, social work professor and professor of social work; their strong bond together has contributed enormously towards their professional achievements!

Pillow Talk With Dr. Boyce & Doctor Alicia Watkins
Their synergy extends well beyond marriage into professional collaborations such as their podcast: Pillow Talk With Dr. Boyce & Dr. Alicia Watkins which showcases their combined knowledge, experience and expertise on key subjects like relationships, mental wellness and personal growth. Through empowerment and education they’ve managed to produce content with lasting positive effects on listeners – something their shared commitment has allowed them to accomplish through content that makes an impressionful impression!

Online Masterclass by Drs. Boyce and Alicia Watkins: Teaching Love and Money Dr. Boyce Watkins and Alicia Watkins’ online masterclass has brought economic empowerment and emotional wellbeing into the digital realm, in an attempt to assist individuals as they navigate financial dynamics in relationships and personal finances. Their online course entitled the Black Family Wealth Love and Money Masterclass represents one more effort on behalf of economic empowerment for economic wellbeing in all forms.

Dr. Alicia Watkins, Certified Trauma Professional: An Approach
In this masterclass Dr. Alicia Watkins employs her extensive understanding of psychology and social work to teach participants of this course how to navigate difficult financial and relationship circumstances with confidence and ease.

Dr. Boyce W. Watkins believes money affects not just numbers; rather it plays an essential part in relationships and lives – especially relationships of love. Through her masterclass she will guide participants on recognizing financial traumas, dealing with money-related conflict resolution strategies, managing anxiety levels and setting economic goals to meet.

Impact of Drs. Boyce and Alicia Watkins’ Online Masterclass
The “Black Family Wealth Love and Money Masterclass”, an accessible platform, allows individuals to benefit from Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Alicia Watkins’ holistic approach in providing valuable financial and relationship information. Their advocacy work shows how love can contribute to creating a prosperous and secure future together.


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