The Delhi Capitals are having a bad time in the Indian Premier League. DC’s off-field struggles are just as bad as their on-field struggles. One of the franchise players has been accused of misbehaving with a female at a franchise event. This led to the management introducing a ‘Code of Conduct.

The ‘Code Of Conduct’ will tell players everything, from where they are allowed to leave the hotel or who they may meet in their room to whether they can travel along with family members. Delhi Capitals requires its players to be present at franchise functions. Running late is not allowed.

According to a report in the Indian Express, this Code of Conduct was introduced by the franchise to maintain their public image. According to the report, players are not allowed to invite their friends to their room after 10pm and if they want to entertain them in a team hotel restaurant or coffeeshop then that is where it must be done.

The players should also inform the franchise officials if they need to leave their hotel in order to meet someone. The report, which was shared with players following their victory over Hyderabad Sunrisers, warned that any breach of code could result in a fine or even the termination of contract ,”.

You can help your family by bearing the travel costs of their members

In the directive sent to players and support staff, it is also stated that they are responsible for the travel costs of their families and must inform franchise officials prior to their family member joining the contingent. If a player wants to invite anyone into their room, they must inform the IPL team’s integrity officer in advance and provide a photo ID to the team.


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