The company announced Thursday that it would be introducing new avatar body shapes, as well as improved textures for clothing and hair. While the updates are a step forward for people to better represent themselves, Meta’s Horizon Worlds VR social platform still does not allow you to see other people’s limbs.

According to a blog , Meta will be offering “a broader range of options for body shapes, including two more curvier body types” starting this month. The company will also be “refining’ some of its existing body types in order to differentiate them from the others.

The company will add “additional details and realism” to clothing and hair, and you may see a little more sparkle in the eyes of people. You won’t be able to see these improvements when viewing avatars in VR. Instead, you’ll find them “in stickers and profile pictures as well as cover photos.”

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, revealed in the Wednesday earnings call that Meta users had created more than one billion avatars. These changes could allow people to express themselves more freely on digital platforms. Roblox is working on creating more realistic avatars, and Epic Games has been constantly producing original and crossover outfits. is supposed to fix this problem.

Introduce New Body Shapes

Meta has added more body shape options after receiving enough feedback from its users since 2021, when the avatar feature was launched. The user can choose from more body options including two curvier shapes.

“Everybody is different and every body is different. The body shapes available for avatar creation were pretty similar up until now. Meta wrote in her blog that the body shape could be “a little rectangular”.

New PUMA Looks

Meta has partnered up with PUMA and will offer seven lifestyle looks from May 1. All seven looks will be available at the Avatars Store. This is a single-stop shop where you can customize your avatar on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

Hair and Clothing Textures

The new version offers more choices in terms of hairstyle, clothing, and eye color. These options are available in stickers, cover pictures, profile photos, and more.

Meta blog said: “Sparing the technical breakdown, We’ve added more detail and realism in both hair and clothes — so whether you’re wearing a suit and clean fade or bedhead with sweats, you avatar should pop out a little bit better than before.”


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