This article will show you how to find the Find Flames Fortnite Puzzle and earn massive loot.

Are you a Fortnight player? You’ve updated Fortnite to its latest version. You’re looking for the solution to the Southern Ruins Flames puzzle chest? Fortnite’s latest update introduced many new features to the game. These included inventory items that were attractive to players.

Many players, including those from Australia, Canada and the Netherlands, as well as the United States, United Kingdom and the United States are anxious to learn how to unlock this treasure. The public opinion is that the fourth chapter of Fortnite’s season 3 is its most exciting update. Learn how to locate Flames Fortnite by reading this article.

Fortnite Flames

The mystery vault is hidden in the ruins within Fortnite. The chest is a great incentive for players to visit and redeem. The Flame Route is another name for this mysterious path. You have to light the fires after you enter the final door.

To enter the path, you must open the door on the southern side of the ruin. To enter the mysterious room, you will have to sacrifice an Epic item or Mythic to open the path. The final puzzle will allow you to receive chests full of loot.

Find the Flames

Battle passes are a great way to obtain multiple items for the new version of Fortnite. These items are very useful to solve the ruins’ puzzle as it requires that multiple items be sacrificed.

The battle pass is purchased by people who are reluctant to part with their old inventory. They do this to get Mythic items. You can solve the riddle by using either the most recent or oldest item from your Epic or Mythic collection.

Flames Riddle

Fortnite Find the Flames can be a difficult puzzle. You will need to use at least two items from your inventory. A purple-blue glow will appear at the beginning of the Mysterious Path. When you get close to the light, an option will appear.

At this point, you must sacrifice an Epic item from your inventory. The next level will feature flames surrounding a sculpture. Some will not be lit. The pattern to light the braziers which are not lit must be remembered. You will be required to sacrifice an object of mythic significance at the door. Finally, you will be able to see the chest and its amazing loot.

Final Verdict!

Fortnite’s latest update has excite players. After the latest updates, people are eager to solve Flame Riddle. You will have to sacrifice two items (Epic or Mythic) from your inventory in order to open the fire chest.


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