Hardik Pandya, the India all-rounder who leads Gujarat Titans in the Indian Premier League IPL, recently opened up about his career. He revealed that he was dropped by the Baroda State team due to an attitude issue. Pandya also discussed his philosophy on respecting others in the same interview. The GT captain stated that he always believed respect should be reciprocal.

The Baroda Cricketer revealed that he was removed from the State Team despite his many runs, because someone thought he had a problem with attitude. Pandya went on to explain that he had never understood this explanation and that to date he believes that only those who respect Pandya should be respected.

“I was removed from my state team at the age of 17 because people believed I had an issue with attitude. Pandya said to Robin Uthappa in Jio Cinema that she believed if someone didn’t respect her, they wouldn’t earn respect from me.

Pandya’s quote was widely shared on social media, and it drew some interesting reactions. Some users believed Pandya’s statement was correct, but most of them took a jab at him by complimenting the Baroda management.

Hardik Pandya has an attitude problem.

It is interesting to talk about Hardik Pandya’s on-field behavior, even though fans continue to criticize him. Pandya was a young, motivated player when he first represented India at the international level. He used to put his life on the line in order to help his team. He matured over the years as both a player and an individual. Pandya’s performance has been decent, if not exceptional.

Pandya scored 3387 runs in 172 international games (11 Tests and 74 ODIs; 87 T20Is), at an average rate of 29.45. He has also taken 158 wickets. Pandya has achieved his greatest achievement by winning the IPL in his first season as captain (with Gujarat Titans, IPL 2022). The Baroda Cricketer is on track to be India’s full time captain for T20Is, if not in white-ball cricket. Pandya’s calm and composed manner as a captain has been praised by both his teammates and experts. Fans continue to question Pandya’s attitude.


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