The International Cricket Council has decided to remove the soft signal that was widely debated, starting with the World Test Championship Final (WTC), in June. The ICC’s Souravganguly-led cricket committee is said to have made the decision. It was also communicated to both the WTC finalists, India and Australia.

The match conditions are currently being determined, especially as the teams will be facing off in the highly anticipated WTC Final, which is scheduled to take place at The Oval between 7-11 June. The soft signal will be removed as part of a number of changes made to the normal rules. The ICC has yet to confirm the removal of the soft signals and PCs at the WTC Final.

“The soft signals will finally be gone. The International Cricket Council has finally made the much-debated rule change for the PCs of international games. Cricbuzz reported that the change will be implemented at the World Test Championship final in London ,” next month.

The new rule will be part of the PCs for the June 7-12 game at The Oval.” The PCs will include the new rule for the game on June 7-12 at The Oval .”

What is a “soft signal” in cricket?

According to ICC Rules, a Soft Signal is a visual communication from the bowler’s umpire end to the third umpire of the initial decision made on the field prior to initiating a Umpire Review.

The rule states that if both on-field officials require the assistance of the third umpire in making a decision, then the bowler’s umpire will first take a final decision on the field after consulting with striker’s umpire before consulting via two-way radio the third umpire.

The bowler’s umpire will initiate the consultation by making a shape of a television screen with their hands. This is followed by a soft signal of out or not out with their hands at chest level. If the third umpire says that the replay evidence was inconclusive then the decision made on the field at the beginning of the consultation will stand.


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