A source close to former footballer Tonino Mebarak denied that the two men had argued. La Vanguardia reported that the informant had told them that Tonito, the former Barcelona captain and Gerard Pique never physically assaulted one another when they were in Miami.

The gossiping bird told the Spanish paper that the murmurs were not backed up by police reports, a claim that was confirmed by paparazzi Jordi.

The well-known photographer posted on Twitter that it was categorically wrong to claim that Gerard Pique had come into contact Tonino, the brother of Shakira.

Veronica Bastos, a journalist in Spain, reported that Mebarak had argued with Gerard to defend Shakira. This happened after Pique visited her children in Miami, United States. Veronica stated, “Gerard was in Miami with his kids.” News of the weekend says that Shakira fought with her ex, and that this argument with Pique was so violent, Tonino would have been justified in defending his sister.


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