Fans are eager to gain more insight into Andrew Ridgeley and Wham!, so this article provides information regarding his life after Wham!, current activities and how he has maintained their legacy.

Andrew Ridgeley: From Wadebridge to Wham!
Andrew Ridgeley was renowned as half of Wham, an 80s pop duo renowned for their hits like “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” and “Last Christmas”, in collaboration with George Michael. These songs launched his stardom.

Andrew Ridgeley’s Career after Wham!
Following Wham!’s disbandment, Ridgeley led an increasingly more relaxed lifestyle in Wadebridge Cornwall where he participated in recreational activities like playing golf on Trevose Course or surfing at Constantine Bay.

Ridgeley maintained his links with Wham!’s legacy despite departing the music business; writing “Wham! as a Memoir: George Michael and Me”, as well as making an appearance in 2019 movie “Last Christmas”, which focused on George Michael’s discography.

Ridgeley has become an active part of his community since moving to Wadebridge, England, in 1994. His daily schedule involves frequenting both the Wadebridge Co-op and Regal Cinema; golfing and surfing excursions also make up an essential component.

Locals describe him as an everyday guy going about his business; always ready with a friendly smile or conversation, his down-to-earth persona has helped him integrate seamlessly with the community fabric.

Andrew Ridgeley has kept much of his personal life under wraps. Keren Woodward from Bananarama lived with Ridgeley in Cornwall for more than 20 years before their relationship ended (though they remain friendly). Ridgeley began seeing Amanda Cronin who founded Amanda Caroline Skincare; they became romantically linked but eventually parted ways sometime before May 2023 reportedly due to differences over creative direction of Amanda Caroline Skincare by Ridgeley and Amanda Cronin respectively.

Andrew Ridgeley Has a Net Worth of Over $45. Million by 2023
Andrew Ridgeley’s music career with Wham! is unquestionably one of its great successes; and will result in him amassing an estimated net wealth of $45.5million by that date. Wham!’s songs as well as various investments have played an essential part in contributing to that sum of wealth.

Andrew Ridgeley’s Ventures in the Entertainment Industry
Andrew Ridgeley’s music career is not his sole lucrative pursuit in entertainment; his net worth has also increased through endorsements, brand partnerships, royalties from film/TV use of his songs as well as endorsement deals he holds with brands and royalties from song licensing deals with films/TV/commercial production companies.

Andrew Ridgeley remains mysterious when it comes to his romantic life, although in 2022, reports surfaced linking him with Bavarian model Amanda Cronin; they appeared together at Wimbledon Tennis Tournament that June. Their exact relationship status remains undisclosed.

Ridgeley and his life are back in the public eye thanks to Netflix documentary that has reignited interest in Wham! Fans remain keenly curious to learn more about him despite any personal matters in his private life.


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