Kenneth Brian Edmonds, best known by his stage name Babyface, is an American R&B singer-songwriter born April 10th 1959. With captivating melodies and vibrant compositions such as his 26 R&B number one hits that span several decades; Babyface will forever remain one of music history’s legendary figures! His talent cannot be overestimated.

His talents are well recognized by 12 Grammy Awards. NME placed him 20th on their list of 50 “Greatest Producers Ever”.

Babyface will leave an indelible mark on music history for many generations to come, far surpassing just hits with his musical career encompassing hidden gems such as these. His legacy in music will stand the test of time! His presence remains as an influence across many musical genres today and generations to come.

Babyface and Tracey Edwards first married in 1992 and formed an incredible union together; giving birth to two children together during that period.

After 13 years of marriage and multiple disagreements, Tracey, an accomplished businesswoman and television producer, filed for divorce in October 2005 citing irreconcilable differences as the reason.

Babyface and Nicole Pantenburg
In 2014, Babyface embarked on his second marriage journey with Nicole. Former back up dancer Nicole was found harmony and love between both parties despite 14 year age difference between them; during their union they welcomed a child together.

This marriage too was not long-lived. They announced their separation in 2021 and finalized the process on February 6, 2023.

Who is Babyface currently dating?
Babyface and Rika Tischendorf
According to reports, Babyface has fallen for Rika, an attractive German woman 30 years younger. According to sources close to Babyface Entertainment (where Rika Tischendorf works as General Manager and models as part of her role as General Manager and model for Babyface Entertainment), Rika was crucial in producing his most recent album entitled, Girls Night Out”.

Babyface gave Rika credit for helping him name his album at the 2023 Grammys, creating an intriguing and special dynamic between themselves both professionally and romantically. This partnership makes for an intriguing, unforgettable partnership!

Babyface at 64 Aujourd’hui at 64 years old, Babyface continues to impress audiences of all ages through his artistic brilliance and creativity that continues to bring people of all generations together. His age should not define who he is as his art speaks volumes for itself.

Babyface, revered icon of R&B music for his velvety voice and infectious love of music. His commitment to his craft, along with its depth, continues to delight fans around the globe.

Babyface’s Music and Love Stories One can look upon Babyface’s life story through music as being similar to that of an orchestra; each chapter in his life leaves its mark on what he produces musically.

Babyface’s fans and admirers eagerly anticipate his next composition, Kenneth “Babyface”. Kenneth is living proof that music and love go hand-in-hand.


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