Christian Pulisic, a young soccer star from Chelsea’s Premier League team and captain of the United States National Team, has garnered much acclaim on and off the pitch. Since making his senior national team debut as 17 year old back in March 2016 (at 17!) and being appointed captain later that month – fans from around the globe have taken notice! Borussia Dortmund were his former home before switching over to Chelsea; where he has won multiple UEFA Champions League and Super Cup championships as well as FIFA Club World Cups over his short professional career!

Christian Pulisic embraces Catholicism wholeheartedly and counts it an integral part of who he is as an individual, often sharing Bible verses to inspire his fans online and offer hope when faced with obstacles in life. Pulisic’s Catholic education gave him an abiding faith in God whom he credits with providing strength when facing trials in life – an important tenet which was confirmed during an interview for GQ 2021 magazine. Religion plays an essential part of his emotional stability both personally and professionally.

Christian Pulisic hails from Croatian heritage through his grandfather Mate Pulisic who hails from Olib in Croatian island territory. After moving to Germany he acquired Croatian citizenship so he wouldn’t need a German visa; though not his mother tongue it helped him acquire German as well as learning local dialects, as well as English during this time.

Christian Pulisic had the good fortune to be born into a supportive and sports-loving family in Hershey Pennsylvania. Mark, an amateur soccer player himself and Kelly who went on to play George Mason University soccer were instrumental in instilling Christian’s passion for the game from an early age. Mark even went so far as coaching him when Christian first joined Borussia Dortmund – they continue their legacy today by standing by him no matter where life may lead him! Christian has become one of today’s premier players thanks to their undivided support!


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