Kim Kardashian, known for her longstanding friendship with Paris Hilton and subsequent release of widely publicized sex tapes, first rose to prominence through reality TV series such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians which propelled both herself and her family members into fame and fortune.

Kim is well known for her influence on social media and for her successful ventures in beauty, fashion and fragrance. Over time she has built up an enormous multimillion-dollar empire and become a pop culture icon.
Kim made Time magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential People! Known for her activism and ongoing legal studies, she previously was married to rapper Kanye. They share four children together.

Kim Kardashian has recently been the focus of much speculation surrounding whether or not she is dating anyone, with reports about possible romantic partnerships continuing since Kanye West and Kim divorced in 2011. Since their separation in 2011, Kardashian has chosen not to discuss or publicly announce any possible romantic interest she might be having; preferring instead to keep their romantic affairs personal and private.

She expressed a wish to focus on personal growth and ensure her children’s happiness; being a celebrity means her personal life can often become subject of speculation and conjecture.

Who is Kim Kardashian dating right now?

Kim Kardashian remains tight-lipped regarding who her partner will be following the split with Kanye West. Following their separation, Kardashian has chosen not to divulge details regarding any potential relationships she might be engaging in in order to maintain some level of privacy that often goes unused by celebrities.

Reports indicate that Kim Kardashian may be dating Tom Brady; however, without official confirmation by herself or anyone associated with her relationship status remains unknown to everyone outside. While much speculation continues on their love life of Kardashian it seems she prefers not sharing more information publicly at this time.

Kim Kardashian Has an Extensive Dating History Kim Kardashian’s dating history is certainly no secret; she’s experienced numerous high-profile marriages and relationships since marrying music producer Damon Thomas at 19 in 2000 and their subsequent divorce three years later in 2003. After that eventful split came the infamous 2007 sex tape she recorded with musician Ray J that generated considerable media coverage and controversy; these events propelled Kardashian into famed status among Hollywood aficionados alike.

Kardashian has previously been linked with numerous prominent figures such as Nick Lachey and Nick Cannon. Additionally, she was associated with Kris Humphries (Kanye West’s ex), Kanye west himself, Shengo Deane Gabriel Aubry and Pete Davidson – each relationship garnering significant media coverage due to its unique dynamics.

Kim Kardashian’s search for love focuses around personal development, her children and their wellbeing. Kim has yet to make her inner self publicly apparent through publicized relationships – making current and future dating ventures particularly interesting.


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