Social media has posted a video showing Cristiano Cristiano throwing his son Mateo across the pool. The Portuguese footballer then smiled and gave a few claps.

Mateo and his twin sister Eva were born in June 2017 via surrogate. Ronaldo announced their happy arrival on Facebook. The caption read: I am so happy to have my two new loves in my arms.

Although some people may have concerns regarding the safety of this action, the majority of responses have been positive. The video has received thousands of comments, likes and shares, and even major news outlets have shared it.

Cristiano Ronaldo is at Al Nassr since almost half a years, a move which has caused much controversy and still raises many questions. Rumours have it that the Portuguese are not happy in Saudi Arabia, and want to move back to Europe.

Rivaldo urges Ronaldo to move back to Real Madrid

Rivaldo plays for Barcelona in a match against Real Madrid.

Rivaldo, the legend of Brazil, has stated that Cristiano Ronaldo may still play a part at Real Madrid despite his age. The 1999 Ballon d’Or-winning Brazilian spoke about the Portuguese’s move to Saudi Arabia.

“I can understand how players might be misled by the large contract they sign when in Saudi Arabia. Former Barcelona player, said that life in Saudi Arabia is much more closed and football isn’t always as simple as you might expect ,”.

“So, maybe you’re going through a period of disappointment or even reflection. Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Real Madrid would be good both for him and the sport. The fans must understand that they cannot expect the same performance from him now as they did when he was 25, 26 or older. He added that he could still help the club to win more victories ,”.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the undisputed Real Madrid icon and the most successful player in club history, is a legend. In 2018, he decided to leave Madrid amid tension. Before his departure to Al Nassr in the winter of 2018, he spent two final European seasons, with Juventus (2018-2021) followed by Manchester United (2021-2022).


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