John Travolta has amassed an estimated net worth between $250-$280 Million thanks to both film earnings and his expansive collection of luxury goods; two properties valued at roughly $25 Million add further wealth, with Travolta also boasting an aviation estate complete with runway to accommodate his jumbo jet! Travolta’s collection is not limited to just a jumbo-jet. He also owns a small private jet.

Which Cars and Planes Do John Travolta Owns?

John Travolta has long been recognized for his passion for luxury, evidenced in his collection of high-end cars from Mercedes Benz, BMW and Aston Martin to Rolls Royce Ghost as his prize vehicle. A favorite mode of transport of his is a Boeing 727 which even has its own runway on his estate!

Does John Travolta have any connection with the Church of Scientology?

Travolta has long been one of the most prominent representatives for Scientology. While his ideology has caused great debate throughout its existence, Travolta made headlines through his role as one of Scientology’s representatives alongside actor Tom Cruise. Recently there have been whispers that Travolta may withdraw support due to illness in his family but no hard evidence has surfaced regarding this matter.

Who Is John Travolta?

John Travolta embarked upon his acting career at an early age; at 14 years old he started performing professionally and left school altogether to make this his full time profession. Vinnie, his breakthrough role in the Welcome Back TV series. Subsequent blockbusters such as “Saturday Night Fever”, “Grease”, and “Saturday Night Fever 2” cemented Travolta’s place as a star actor. Between 1982-1994, he experienced a brief slump before Pulp Fiction, which reestablished him as a Hollywood icon.

What Are Some Lesser Known Facts about John Travolta?

Travolta is much more than the glare in the spotlight.

  • He is both a smoker, and a drunk.
  • Travolta is a health-conscious man who makes sure he finishes eating his dinner by 9pm.
  • Many are not aware of his singing abilities, despite being acclaimed as an actor. Both his artistry and versatility have won him many accolades.
  • Travolta is a volleyball and tennis enthusiast.
  • He is a self-described movie lover who loves to watch films.
  • Travolta revealed once that he was his own childhood crush.

Did Lady Diana Name a Dress after John Travolta Really?

John Travolta was so popular and influential in the 1980s and 1990s that Lady Diana Princess of Wales named a dress after him to pay tribute to his popularity and influence. The “Travolta Dress”, it became known as. This gesture highlights his heartthrob status in that era. This gesture by the princess shows his influence on pop culture in those decades.

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