It’s no longer shocking to hear that Lionel Messi is moving to the oil rich deserts of Saudi Arabia in order to practice his profession. The recent months were traumatic for Millenials, who love to gloat about the European football that is overhyped.

For the El Dorado – not soccer – fan, Europe was the ultimate goal, Mount Everest. Even players from South American countries were lured into Europe for a long time. There are leagues in England and Spain as well as Germany and France. The hype surrounding club football in England is massive.

It may have only taken one CR7 Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo Interview with Piers Moll Uncensored for the halo to be blown to pieces over football at Manchester United. Ronaldo was painted the villain a few months before the FIFA World Cup. He was a failure in Doha. When Ronaldo chose Saudi Arabia as his new home, everyone looked at the distance between Portugal and the deserts on the map!

As they say in Gulf football, “Wallah Habibi.” If Ronaldo’s storming of desert football caused European managers to sit up and smirk at the amount of money being spent, take a look at what happened now.

Lionel Messi of Laureus Sport Award fame, as well as the winner of several Ballon d’Or awards, will also be landing on the sands in Saudi Arabia. He already went to Saudi Arabia a few months ago to sign the contract. confirm the AFP that he will no longer play European football and be based in Saudi Arabia.

The news that Messi is moving from Europe to Saudi Arabia, and joining the Al Hilal Club, is incredible. The deal is in dollar amounts that the average man can’t relate to. Messi’s contract with PSG expires in June. The free bird will fly to Saudia where he’ll resume his rivalry against CR7.

This is starting to look a lot like the Indian Premier League, where the club rivalry brings out the worst and the best in players, coaches, and mentors. Virat kohli and Gautam Gambhir fought in Lucknow. Ugly? It was a great way to get TRP.

Messi in Saudi Arabia is going to be a delight

Lionel Messi is presented with a trophy for Argentina’s victory over Brazil in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia is also rich and ready to welcome tourists. The world will be rocked. You can laugh at the idea that these two football jewels would go to a nation with no football tradition, unlike some European nations. This is all rubbish. Leo Messi has nothing more to prove. His legacy is secure. He is God, he has won the World Cup after all. Finally.

It will be a delight to see Messi, as they say in Arabic. These two men Messi and CR7 are beyond prime. Clubs do not select players without tests or more. In less than five month, the European Football has been stripped – nay, savaged. This kick was needed for their arrogance, and asinine behavior. They believed they were an invulnerable fortress. Two guys kicking a football have shown that it is easy to kick European football traditions.

We will no longer hear from Erik Ten Ha Hag or other managers of this nature. We could soon see a mass exodus from the United States to Saudi Arabia. If all goes according to plan, Saudi Arabia will host the FIFA World Cup in 2030. The Sheikhs are generous, have open arms and provide great hospitality. Saudi Arabia has become a popular destination because of the massive shift in how they look at the world. Even tourists want to visit.

They invest in sports. It could also be a T20 Cricket League. They are going to steal from many sporting nations, whether they like it or not. Football and Cricket will grab eyeballs even if they are only club formats. It is said that their T20 League will be so lucrative, cricketers would line up with begging dishes.

Saudi Arabia was cursed last year when the LIV Golf rival was launched. They didn’t care. Even former USA President Donald Trump plays a part in the rebel golf league. He has a few golf courses. Wait until many more football stars are “kidnapped” to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is proving that money can buy everything.

Money, Money, sung by Abba, is still a classic. Money: It was like this:

Money, money and more money
Must be funny
In the world of the rich and powerful
Money, money and more money
Always Sunny
In the world of the rich and powerful
What I could do
If I had some money
It’s the world of the rich
It’s the world of the rich


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