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Learn more about Willi Ninja’s funeral!

Willi Ninja’s Cause Of Death is a topic of interest. Willi Ninja, a well-known American choreographer and dancer who died on 2 September 2006, was an American. Willi Ninja passed away on the 2nd of September 2006. There are no details online about Willi Ninja’s funeral.

How Did Willi Ninja Die?

Various sources claim that Willi Ninja died of AIDS and heart failure. Willi Ninja’s close friend told the media about his death.

The AIDS Memorial Twitter page shared a relevant post. This post includes information about Willi and his death.

Willi Ninja’s Obituary, Funeral & Net Worth!

You can read the Obituary for Willi Ninja, the famous American Dancer. Willi Ninja kept his memorial service and funeral details secret. Willi Ninja was said to have a net worth of $5 million.

Willi’s Family & More

  • Father– Benny Ninja.
  • Mother Esther Leake
  • Siblings- Not available.
  • Children –Not Provided

Google Doodle celebrated Willi Ninja’s 62nd birthday. Reddit users also shared the news.

Was Willi Ninja married?

Online sources claimed that Willi Ninja was gay and did not have any spouse. Willi Ninja was a supporter of the LGBTQ community. Many people thought he was a third gender. There are no details available online about Willi Ninja’s affairs.

Wiki Ninja’s Wiki!

Below is a table that contains all of the Wikipedia information on Willi Ninja.

Real NameWilliam Roscoe Leake
ProfessionChoreographers and dancers
Date Of Birth12/04/1961.
BirthplaceNew Hyde Park, New York, U.S.
Name WifeNot aavailble.
Marital StatusUnmarried.
Age45 years.

What is William Ninja’s Nationality?

  • Nationality- American.
  • Ethnicity- Not available.
  • Religion- Not specified.

William Ninja Career and More Details!

  • Willi Ninja’s Vogue Video has the most views, because he is known as the father of Vogue. Willi Ninja has been a featured dancer in many music videos.
  • Early Life-Willi has been a dancer since she was a child.
  • Education – No details are provided about formal education.

Find his height and more!

  • Height- 1.9m
  • Weight- Unavailable.
  • Death2nd September 2006.


All the details about his death are listed below. Learn more about Willi Ninja by watching the video.


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