Two men stalked and chased Nitish Raa’s wife, a star Delhi cricketer who is also the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders. Saachi Marwah is an architect and designer. She shared a video in which two young men can be seen chasing after her car, threatening her, and even threatening to kill her. Marwah posted the video to Instagram and asked for help from her followers.

Marwah claims that the thugs on two-wheelers began chasing and stalking her car as she returned home from work. The miscreants then hit her car without any reason. She did not get the help she expected when she reported the incident to the Delhi Police.

Saachi vented her frustration and anger on Instagram. She wrote, “Just an ordinary day in Delhi on my way home from work!” They started randomly hitting my car. The police said to me over the phone that I should let go of the car now that I was home safely. Next time note the number kar lena (notice it next time), aye, aye, captain, next I will take their phone numbers too !”

Delhi Police captures the criminals

The Delhi Police did not act immediately against these men, but they arrested one of them on Saturday. The wife of Kolkata Knight Riders Captain Nitish Raa filed a complaint at PS Kirti Ngar for stalking and harassment. One person was arrested. Delhi Police confirmed to ANI that the case was filed against two boys for trying to follow the cricketer’s wife to Model Town ,”.

Saachi thanked her supporters for their help, and acknowledged that Delhi Police had taken action. “Thanks, guys, for keeping an eye on me. It really means a lot. Marwah wrote on Saturday that the boys were school children and had been arrested. They did it in rage, and while under the influence of ,”. She thanked the Delhi Police for their help and asked that they be lenient, as she believed the boys had learned from their mistake.


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