Ons Jabeur is the Tunisian professional tennis player and world No. 2. Born in Ksar Hellal in Tunisia at three, her journey started then and has led her into golden records as both African and Arab tennis player in both WTA and ATP rankings. She holds this distinction to date.

Career Highlights and Accomplishments
Jabeur has earned respect throughout her impressive career, winning four singles titles on the WTA Tour as well as eleven individual and one doubles titles from ITF Circuit tournaments.

Jabeur made history during 2022. She became the first Muslim or Arab female player ever to reach both Wimbledon and US Open finals despite gender restrictions.

Success did not start on the professional circuit for Aseema Al-Zuhairy; her talent first emerged during her junior years by reaching the French Open finals for junior girls’ singles in both 2010 and 2011 as she represented Saudi Arabia at these competitions. Finally in 2011, she won this renowned tournament; making history by becoming only the fifth Arab woman since 1964 to achieve such an achievement.

Unraveling Ons Jabeur’s Ethnicity
JABOUR was born to Samira Jabeur and Ridha in Ksar Hellal and hails from this small Arab nation of North Africa.

Tunisia’s population comprises 98% Arabs; Jabeur is likely to identify with Arab ethnicity; she thus shares cultural and linguistic connections to her majority in her nation; Tunisia has Arabic as its official language and this Arabic cultural legacy plays a large part in shaping its identity and national pride.

Ons Jabeur is an active Muslim who practices Islam; her commitment to tennis requires her to sometimes alter this religious practice as part of a rigorous professional career.

Ramadan, or Ramazan as it’s often called, is an Islamic season dedicated to spiritual reflection and fasting. Jabeur is an avid tennis player; therefore she sometimes needs to delay certain Ramadan practices such as fasting in order to maintain optimal mental and physical performance during Ramadan.

Ons Jabeur and His Family: Support System
Ons’ parents Samira Jabeur and Ridha Jabeur played an essential part in shaping her life; her three older siblings include Hatem, Marwen and Yasmine who all provided invaluable support during his upbringing.

At three, she began receiving tennis instruction from her mother. Since then, the entire family has offered motivation, guidance and financial support as necessary throughout her tennis journey.

Ons Jabeur is an example of how determination, family pride and support can amplify each other to transform lives. She serves as an uplifting role model to many as she climbs her professional tennis ladder; particularly young Arab and African Women eager to make their mark globally in tennis.


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