Page Turner is an iconic television personality from Los Angeles in California as well as a successful real estate agent. Yet her life journey entails much more; her heritage can be traced to both of her parents. This article dives deeper into Page’s life by looking into her family and roots that molded who she is today.

Page Turner, best known for her roles on HGTV shows like Fix My Flip and Flip Or Flop, first made her TV appearance as host on Joined at the Flip. Since 2006 she has owned and managed EGAP Real Estate Nashville under her control as well as serving as President of Nashville Chapter National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NARB).

Page Turner often credits her parents as key influences in shaping both her career and life. Born in Los Angeles to Eugene Turner (her Caucasian father) and Patricia Ann Turner (her African American mother), Page has an ethnic heritage composed of genes from both parents.

Eugene Turner: Optician to the Stars Page’s entrepreneurial venture began at three when she became spokesperson for her father’s stocker & Crenshaw company. Eugene was an experienced optician and co-founded Page Optical Eyeglass Boutique on Crenshaw Boulevard; known for being “an Optician of Stars”. Unfortunately he died due to liver disease shortly afterwards in December 1981.

Patricia Ann Turner: An Anchor for Strength
Patricia Turner was an invaluable pillar of support after Eugene passed unexpectedly away, inspiring Page to never give up and speak up against injustices in life. Patricia taught Page to never abandon herself and speak up against injustices when needed.

Page Turner keeps her personal life relatively private, only providing glimpses into it through interviews and public appearances. Although it appears she may be single and has not revealed details regarding any potential romantic partnerships; she does talk openly about being a single mother though.

Page is proud of her three daughters aged 20 or over: Quincy, Qai and Zaire. All three women have found success following different paths – Quincy started modeling with A3 Artist agency in Los Angeles while Qai graduated Notre Dame last spring before moving back home and eventually marrying Dr. Rodney Kitzo (Zaire is her oldest).

Final Thoughts
Page Turner has lived a remarkable life of ambition, resilience, and family love. Her family played an essential part in developing her as a woman – from her entrepreneurial legacy passed down from father to the life lessons provided by mother – which all helped shape who Page became as an individual and inspired many through both dedication to family life as well as her professional achievements.


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