Primaria Exterior ve com Registro In this article, we have provided information about a website that was created by Venezuelan authorities to register for the Primary Elections of 2023.

Are you a Venezuelan resident living abroad? Do you want to participate in the primary elections to choose an opposition candidate who will run in the Presidential elections of 2024? Venezuela’s presidential elections in 2024 will be held and the opposition is looking for a candidate to run against the incumbent.

The country has launched a website that allows citizens from around the world to vote in the Primary Election. The Online Platform, launched on 7th June 2023, only applies to the Internal Primary Election. Primaria Exterior ve com Registro contains all the information about this registration platform.

Primaria Website Exterior:

The Primary National Commission launched this website to allow migrants to take part in the Primary Election of 2020. The data collected on this site is not shared by the Primary National Commission or any other state institution. Venezuelans who live abroad can register or update their information through this platform.

It is important that those who are already registered with the Election Commission update their information and choose their voting city. Registration does not give the voter the right to vote at 2024’s Presidential Election.

Why was Launched for Primary in Venezuela?

According to the National Commission for Primary Education, there are about 4 million Venezuelans who live abroad. According to current data from the electoral commission, there are 107 878 Venezuelans registered on their voter register. Around 97% of country nationals living abroad are denied voting rights in the Primary.

There is not enough staff at the consulate to complete the enormous task of registering over 3.8 million Venezuelans in three months. The National Election Commission is not able to handle this enormous task. The Primary National Commission has been authorized to launch an online registration system that allows residents living abroad to register at their whim.

How to Register on

If you would like to register on the digital platform for the Primary National Commission, please follow the steps below. The registration process will only allow them to vote at the Primary Elections of 2023.

  • Visit the official website of the Primary Election Commission.
  • Enter your ID number and date of birth.
  • To vote, select the country, region or town in which you reside.
  • You can select the nearest city if yours isn’t listed.
  • Click on the save button, and a validation link will be sent to your e-mail address by
  • Please upload the images requested by Primary Commission using the link below.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your registration from the website.

Is Primaria Exteriorve Website Legit?

Checking the website’s legit information is a great way to verify its legitimacy. We have listed below some of the legitimate parameters for this registration site.

  • This domain was created on 12th April 2023.
  • A website with low popularity will have less traffic online.
  • Domain expiration date is 12th April 2024.
  • trust index is 100%, a decent number for any legit website.
  • This website has not been reviewed.
  • This website can be found on social media websites.
  • The text and images on this website are original.
  • The owner of the website is not mentioned.
  • You can read the latest updates about this website on Digital Space.

What is the deadline for registering on Primaria Exterior Portal before?

Venezuelans who live abroad are encouraged to register as soon as they can, as this window is only open for a limited time. According to some reports, registration will end after 7th July 2023.

Is Primaria Exterior ve com Registro Safe for Abroad Residents?

People also discuss the security of data shared on the site. The Commission’s President confirmed that the data collected via this portal would not be shared with any other institution. This website was designed to allow Venezuelans who live abroad and are eligible voters to exercise their voting rights.

These data are not accessible to the Central Election Commission. Central Election Commission is also not allowed to view these data. The primary concern of the Commission is to protect voter identities. The data may be shared with other agencies that are involved in the voting process. Reviews:

Primaria Exteriorve’s digital platform received a positive rating from the most legitimate rating site. This is not a commercial online platform so there are no reviews.

Who can vote for Venezuela’s primary in 2023?

Venezuelans who live in anywhere in the world are required to comply with the regulations governing residents overseas. Venezuelans abroad must update information on the Primary Commission portal, and register names in the Electron registry.

Final verdict

The Venezuela Primary Commission has launched a website to assist residents living abroad in casting their votes for Primary 2023


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