Rolex’s decision to change the color or size of their flagship Submariner is a big deal. You can imagine the excitement when Rolex introduced a new model at Watches & Wonders last month.

The Perpetual is a new elegant dress watch by the brand that has been known as the King of Sport Watches for decades. Its foundation is the rugged Submariner Daytona and GMT-Master line. Roger Federer wore a 1908 with a black dial and white gold bezel for the first public appearance on the Met Gala’s red carpet, just a month after the watch was announced.Image Credit:- Wrist Enthusiast

“I believe that style is found in the perfect balance of color and texture,”

Federer is one of this year’s hosts. It’s important to accessorize during moments of celebration, and for me the finishing touch is my watch. “The new Rolex Perpetual 1908 brings timeless elegance to my Met Gala look.”

Federer’s Met Gala outfit is a classic black tuxedo, with peak lapels. Rolex has released its first completely new model, the 1908, since releasing the Sky-Dweller back in 2012. The 1908 replaces the Cellini, which has been discontinued.

The Launch of This Product is also Important to Note

Rolex is pointing to something bigger in the future: The 1908 will be the first watch from the “Perpetual Collection”, which will feature more traditional watches.

The watch is also available in yellow gold and white gold, with a black dial.

Rolex describes these dial colors as “intense” black and white.

Despite the fact that a dressy, sleek watch would be the easiest way to look good on the Met Gala’s red carpet, attendees have opted for the opposite in recent years. Sport watches have become a staple on the red carpet in this brave new world.

Federer wore GMTs and Daytonas when he was playing tennis. It’s funny looking back on his trip to the Rolex stand during Watches & Wonders to scout out the last details for his Met Gala tux. (Notice that the first watch he posted to Instagram after taking the selfie was the 1908!) ).

Rolex couldn’t have asked for a better launch party for its new watch.

The 1908 is awash with Rolex history. The name refers to the year in which Hans Waldorf, founder of Rolex, trademarked “Rolex”. The watch is inspired by a 1931 piece.

The brand selected this specific ticker as it was the very first to have a “perpetual rotor”, a small weight that rotates continuously throughout the day, winding a timepiece automatically. This almost century-old timepiece inspired the Arabic numerals that appear at 12, 3 and 9 o’clock.

Rolex Catalogue Has The 1908 In Stock Right On Time.

Dress pieces are beginning to make a comeback after years of dominance by sport watches. David Hurley is the deputy CEO of Watches of Switzerland which sells Rolex new watches. He says that the popularity of traditional dress pieces, especially in precious metals, has increased exponentially over the past few years.

Hurley stated that even the Cellini was experiencing a strong upward trend before Rolex axed it. Hurley claims that Watches of Switzerland began putting customers on waiting lists to purchase the Cellini in January 2021. There were no one around to peek inside any stores.


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