The breakup of Shakira’s relationship with Gerard Pique has continued to produce alternate news about the situation the ex-partner is facing, both separately and in relation to her two children. The international press reported that Milan and Sasha will complete their classes by June 2. They expect their parents will attend their graduation party a day after.

Reports state that “on Saturday, June 3 Milan and Sasha are going to celebrate the completion of their course with a party.” For now, it is not known if both parents are going to attend this special event in American schools. Shakira and the other members of the Mebarak family are confirmed. Pique is likely to stay with his children until June 3, as he is usually at the end the month.

According to the agreement, the children will also spend a significant part of their summer holidays in Barcelona. The news follows a rumor that Shakira would do anything to stop her children from spending time with Pique’s new partner Clara Chia. Information has also emerged that indicates children don’t want to spend any time with the girlfriend of their father.

After Shakira’s departure for Miami and Pique’s return to Barcelona, the media war between the two continues to be a hot topic. Last thing known was that the father had made a ‘master move’ in getting his children stay with him while they enjoyed their summer vacations.

The Gerard Pique-Shakira controversy has resurfaced after a video of Pique’s mother disrespecting Shakira’s parent’s appeared on social media

Shakira’s family is very close with the singer. When it appeared that Gerard Pique’s problems were at least on vacation, a leaked video showed the former player making a series rude gestures towards the singer’s parent. Shakira is seen in the video with Pique, their parents and a number of photographers who were taking pictures.

Internet users have noticed that everything is going well so far. However, they noticed one detail which changed everything. At one point, Montserrat Berabeu (Pique’s mom) makes an offensive gesture towards Shakira and her parents. Mrs. Bernabeu appears to be a little upset, as if trying to get someone else to take pictures. She covered the faces of Shakira’s parents with her hands.

Both William Mebarak and Nidia Ripoll were silent and remained in the same place during the photos, but Montserrat Bernabeu never apologized and she was heavily criticized for this on social media. Shakira and her children moved to Miami, Florida after she separated from Gerard Pique, the president of Kings League.


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