Gerard Pique recently visited Milan, and Sasha was in Miami. The football veteran, however, did not finish his ten-day travel quota. Pique was back in Spain within five to six days. Recent reports suggest that Pique’s children will have plenty of quality time. It’s so bad that Shakira may not be able to see her children for up to four months.

Shakira moved to Miami about a month back with her children. The Latin American singer wished to escape the media drama and speculation. She moved to Barcelona to protect her children and avoid the chaos. Gerard Pique is currently following a strict separation agreement with Shakira.

Shakira wanted to limit Pique’s involvement in her children’s lives after she won custody of them in December. They signed a contract that allowed the Barcelona icon to see his children for a limited time. The contract was also modified before the singer left Spain. According to the contract, Pique is allowed to spend 70% of his summer holiday with Milan and Sasha.

The footballer has an advantage over the other parents during the academic break. According to reports, the children start their holidays at the beginning of May. They will then travel to Barcelona and not return to Miami until September. The mother will decide whether the children are to return on days when she is entitled to custody. Pique is sure to be looking forwards to some quality time spent with his children “.

Gerard Pique continues to find new problems following the Shakira split

Clara Chia is the current partner of Gerard Pique. He has to deal not only with her tantrums, but also the problems that come along with it. Pique and Chia have been together since last year. Even Shakira’s supporters blame Chia for ending the relationship between Colombian singer Shakira and the former Barcelona football player.

Pique and Clara have no longer hidden from the public. It took them several months before they were seen in the street as a couple. Clara was seen pouting in an image posted on a Twitter account for the couple. The message read: “When you boyfriend has ordered your meal and you start to tantrum.” Clara is almost always in tantrum mode when she appears in photos “.

Clara’s temper tantrums are now added to the list of things that Pique has had to deal with after his separation from Shakira. However, it is clear that the couple enjoys themselves on their vacations or in restaurants. The “tantrum” was a joke.


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