Alexis Avila of Albuquerque in New Mexico, aged 19, has captured many people’s hearts by abandoning her newborn child in a dumpster. We provide details regarding this event as well as any updates regarding current information pertaining to its outcome. Our article attempts to present both accounts of what occurred as well as current updates.

What was behind this tragic incident? Alexis Avila of Albuquerque in New Mexico was involved. Though unaware that she was pregnant at first, Alexis gave birth unexpectedly giving rise to son Saul on December 28.

Legal Proceedings and Baby’s Discovery
Alexis was taken before court for her actions and arrested, which revealed her to have suffered from mental illness; nonetheless, this did not prevent her from being found responsible of child abuse and first-degree murder charges.

Safe Haven Law: Unused Option
New Mexico and several other states offer Safe Haven laws which permit parents to leave infants in designated Safe Haven locations such as hospitals without incurring legal ramifications for doing so, providing parents an alternative path when leaving them in unsafe environments – this option, unfortunately, was never taken up in Alexis Avila’s case.

Where can Baby Sul be found now?
Saul’s Recovery and Current Living Situation Saul received immediate medical care upon being found; this was greatly beneficial to his overall wellbeing. As reported, Alexis Avila’s family are providing him with ongoing support, keeping him stable while feeding properly and giving him enough nourishment.

Baby Saul: Hope for His Future
Saul’s relatives have pledged their commitment to provide him with a loving environment, drawing support and well wishes from across the nation and community members for him despite his tragic beginning. Many remain optimistic that Saul can thrive with love, support and care provided from people.

Alexis Avila and Saul are tragic reminders of how crucial it is for parents and educators alike to learn about and provide parents with proper mental health support and alternative options for safe parenting practices. Saul, however, currently remains with his new family and could soon begin an optimistic path ahead. While their story started off tragically, with Saul taking refuge with them; hopefully this journey has an upbeat conclusion as they nurture him with care and love from a family unit dedicated to his care and love from everyone involved in his upbringing.


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