The William Miller murder case, which has been the subject of much speculation and mystery for almost two decades, is finally solved. William Miller confessed to the crime, which was considered the most notorious unsolved crime in Arkansas Ozarks. This brought justice for Rebekah, the victim.

The Disappearance of a Girl and a Gritty Discovery

Rebekah Guld, 22, a college student from Guion vanished mysteriously from her boyfriend’s home in September 2004. The Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue was immediately alerted.

The Crime Scene

Arriving, they discovered a disturbing scene: blood stained mattresses, bedding, and walls. Rebekah’s body was found near an interstate near the highway, where it showed signs of strangulation and two fatal blows in the head.

Initial Suspicions, and unexpected Turns in the Investigation

Casey McCullough was initially the person of interest as the investigation progressed. Although he had been under surveillance for 16 years, no concrete evidence connected him to the crime.


McCullough learned that William Miller, McCullough’s first cousin, was an accusatory witness and had been linked to McCullough’s murder. McCullough became horrified. Miller’s failure to pass a polygraph and his confession in November 2020 accelerated the investigation. Rebekah’s family members were relieved to finally have an answer after years of uncertainty.

Miller’s arrest and guilty plea

Miller, who had lived in the Philippines for a while, returned to the US in November 2020 and was arrested. In October 2022, Miller pleaded guilty in the United States to the charge first-degree murder for Rebekah’s death.

Confession Details

Miller revealed chilling details of the events that led to the murder. Miller gained entry to Rebekah’s bedroom by pretending to use the phone. He then brutally assaulted her with a leg of a piano, followed immediately by strangulation using a necktie. Rebekah was given justice after this confession, which resulted in her receiving a 40-year sentence.

The impact of media attention

Over the years, the infamous murder case has received significant media coverage. Recently, the case was reignited by a special episode titled “Secrets in the Ozarks.”

Media coverage

The episode will air at 9 pm ET on June 2, 2023. It will explore theories and facts about Rebekah’s murder and disappearance. Dennis Murphy covered the investigation and drew the audience’s focus to the lengthy and complex search for justice.

Closure and Reflection

William Miller’s confession and conviction brought an end to the nearly 20-year journey of bringing justice for the murder of Rebekah.

Honouring Rebekah Gould

The tireless efforts of investigators and law enforcement agencies in finding Rebekah’s killer have brought closure and justice to her family and friends. While their pain will never be completely erased, they can now take comfort in knowing that her memory and case have been solved.


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