Andrew Tate has become one of the Internet’s most controversial figures. His views on mental health, masculinity, and women have made him a star. His online presence has eclipsed his kickboxing career despite winning numerous world titles. He made headlines recently after tweeting the news about Billie Eilish’s breakup.

Twitter tweets by Andrew Tate are a great way to get the attention of fans. Billie Eilish’s relationship with Jesse Rutherford, a pop star, ended recently. The couple began dating in October of 2022, and ended their relationship after six months. Tate tweeted a shocking message about their breakup, and her fans were shocked.

A tweet went viral, announcing a breakup between two stars. Andrew Tate responded, “F ******, Nooooooo! NOOOOO GOD, WHY?? Why GOD, WHY? Nooooooooooo.” His tweet attracted attention from both his supporters and detractors. Tate’s feelings about the breakup are unknown. It is also not known whether he was trying to mock the news or if he felt sad.

Billie Eilish had a brief relationship with Jesse Rutherford. The 10-year age difference between them and Eilish sparked controversy. Social media users were shocked when they learned that Rutherford had broken up with their favorite singer.

Andrew Tate’s reaction to Billie Eilish breaking up news is a roaring success among fans

The ‘top G’ responded to the split between Billie Eilish & Jesse Rutherford. The fans were shocked when they learned that the couple had broken up just six months after dating. Fans commented on the breakup via Twitter. Tate’s response to the breakup was the one that caught the attention.


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