This commemoration celebrates the positive impact that sport has on communities and lives around the world. It is now in its 10th anniversary.

The event, which was attended by elite and amateur athletes from all ages as well as diplomats and UN officials, was the first to take place in person since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the theme is Scoring For People and the Planet.

Tolerance and inclusion are promoted

John Wilmoth, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), stated that sport, whether it is recreational or competitive, brings people together and often bridges cultural, ethnic, and national divides.

He said, “Sport can also be a catalyst to promote tolerance, respect, inclusion and diversity, gender equality, and mitigating climate change’.

“We must all work together to ensure that everyone is included in sport activities, especially for youth, older people, disabled persons, Indigenous Peoples, or other marginalized groups.”

Set an example

Didier Drogba , a legend in football, spoke out to recall the essential role that sport plays in the creation of a culture based on peace.

The former striker is a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Health Agency WHO.

They want to promote causes that benefit the common good, such as gender equality, ending racial disparity and protecting our environment.

The commemoration was organized around moderated conversations that examined complex issues like players’ rights, impact, diversity, equity, inclusion, gender, race, the changing media landscape, climate action, and climate change.

Sharing common values

It has more than 10,000 youth members and runs a social program in 30 countries. The room was filled with boys and girls who proudly wore their Inter Campus blue and black uniforms.

He said through a translator, “Our mission is not about sharing our values or our working methodology. It’s really about teaching them that they belong; giving us a sense of belonging .”

Change the world

He was born in an impoverished area of Argentina, but his passion for football and hard work led him to Inter, where he quickly became one of the most beloved players in the world.

He spoke about how the sport had touched all corners of the globe, underscoring its power as well as its potential for far-reaching impact.

He stated, “What we must do is to try to share human values and combat all forms of discrimination, including against racism,, and to carry out projects that focus on development in every part of the globe, because that’s the way the world can change.”

He said, “We also have to have the sense to duty among adults to improve football and make the future better.” “But, for the future of football to be better, girls and boys around the world need role models that can show that. So the great responsibility lies with us.


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