The American television show “Sistas” has kept its viewers glued to the screen, anticipating storylines twists and turnings. Karen, played by Ebony Ossidian, is one of the main characters who has attracted a lot of attention. This article will unravel the mystery of Karen’s child and its father. Continue reading to learn more about this intriguing drama.

Sistas: An Introduction

The BET Network premiered “Sistas”, an American comedy-drama, on October 23, 2019. Tyler Perry is the mastermind of this captivating series. The show is about a group single black women who navigate through the complexities of life, including friendships, careers, and romance.

The Character of Karen

Karen is a woman with a lot of charm and spirit. Ebony Ossidian portrays her character as she goes through a variety of friendships, romances and challenges. Ebony Obsidian has added depth and flair to Karen’s role throughout the series.

The Mystery of Karen’s Baby

The mystery surrounding Karen’s child has captured the attention of viewers. Social media has been buzzing with questions and theories about the father of the baby.

The Father of Karen’s Child is Revealed

Karen revealed the father of the baby in a dramatic moment during the last episode. Zac, Karen’s ex-boyfriend is said to be the father. The relationship between them is portrayed as complicated, given that she’s also connected with Aaron. The long-held speculation and uncertainty about the paternity of the child was finally put to rest with this revelation.

Fans’ Reactions & Anticipation

Social media has been abuzz with “Sistas'” fans since the announcement. The story is awaited with excitement, especially how Zac will react and what it means for Karen’s and Aaron’s relationship.

What’s going on in Social Media?

A post on Twitter perfectly captured the excitement of fans: “If Karen eats Zac’s response, it’s over.” Sis is ready to watch the drama on Wednesday, 9/8c.” This Twitter tweet shows the excitement of the fans for how the story will unfold.

In conclusion

“Sisteras” continues its tradition of captivating its audience with intricate storylines. One of the plot twists which kept viewers on their toes was the mystery surrounding Karen’s child’s father. Fans are anxiously anticipating what surprises are in store for Karen, the other characters and the series as it progresses. Keep watching “Sistas”, on BET.


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