This article exposes Billionaire Stepson Blink 182 as well as more information about the tweet on Social Media.

The Stepson of the Billionaire: Where did he miss? Brian Szasz is the stepson to Billionaire and defends his decision to attend the Blink-182 Concert. Brian Szasz, the stepson of Billionaire, defends his decision to attend Blink-182’s concert. This Blink-182 Tweet is going viral across the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Blink-182’s Billionaire Stepson Blink 182 is a great article that provides more information on Blink-182 as well as the stepson Brian Szasz.

Titanic Billionaire – Hamish Harding

Brian Szasz is the stepson of Billionaire Hamish. Hamish ,the Titan Submersible, fortified his social media platforms as he was deciding comfort in music. The Titanic sub-expedition lasted for a total of 20 hours, but oxygen was only kept in the ship. The oxygen was not there last week. Hamish Harding is the British Billionaire.

Hamish is among the five passengers on board. Hamish Harding is the subject of great concern for his family. They eagerly await the good news of his rescue.

Stepson tweet on Twitter

Brian Szasz’s stepson, British Billionaire Brian Szasz tweeted from the @audioguy182 account.

Brian revealed that a family member was in the submarine when he posted the message. He also tweeted images from a Blink-182 show. Brian Szasz was part of the rescue team, and he endured the hunt. They didn’t hear anything good about Hamish Harding or others. The search for the sub and its passengers continues.

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Wiki Details and Passengers on the Submarine

The search for a private submersible that has gone missing continues as a rescue operation. The passenger’s identity is revealed while on a trip to travel around Titanic submersible wreckage.

According to the confirmed list, Hamish Harding is a British businessman. Shahzada dawood is a Pakistani entrepreneur and Suleman his son. Paul-Henri Nargeolet is a French explorer, and Stockton Rush the CEO of OceanGate. OceanGate Company advertised the trip as an opportunity to see the Titanic up close. Continue reading to learn more about the age ,personal information, and other details of the missing passenger.

Submarine Trip Tariff

According to OceanGate’s website, the cost of fortifying one seat in the container is $250,000. The trip was not a mere tourist attraction. OceanGate has noticed that each of its dumps serves a scientific purpose.

Hamish Harding posted his trip to social media via a Facebook page on the 17th of June. Hamish Harding posted on Facebook that he is proud to be joining this journey.

There are a few mythical explorers on the submarine trip team. Some of them have made more than 30 dives aboard the Titanic RMS. Since the 1980s, it has been documented by PH Nargeolet. Here are some more details on the concerns of wife, son and other family members.

About Hamish harding

Hamish Harding, the chairman of Action Aviation Company, is a British national. On the website, it is stated that Action Aviation sells aircraft to Fortune 100 companies, international corporations, heads of state and sports industries.

Hamish Harding was referred to as the British billionaire and businessman by British media. Forbes magazine stated that Hamish Harding’s name was not included on the list of richest people in the world.

Cardi B and Brian

Cardi B is one of the rappers who are interested in making videos about love. She somehow catches the news that goes viral. Cardi B criticised Brian Szasz’s behavior at a Blink-182 show. Billionaire stepson Blink 182, Hamish harding is missing in that submarine.

Brian Szasz did not understand this and told Cardi B. He told Cardi B that she is a trashy celeb because of her post. We are all suffering, and my family and I have been trying to track down him and the other missing passengers.

Stepson’s Action with Rescue Team

Brian was more active at home, watching TV and being inactive than he was when he went to the Blink 182 concert. He referred to Cardi B’s post as shame on you. Cardi B shows some class. Everyone knows that all of the recent releases have been a waste. It is not your profession that is so anxious to be courtesy.

Billionaire Stepson Blink 182

According to sources, Brian Harding, the stepson of Hamish Harding, is seen openly teasing Only Fans models. It’s not valid. Brian Szasz responded openly to the social media proposals of OnlyFans models. He said that his stepfather was in danger because of a lack oxygen.

A Canadian aircraft heard underwater sounds while searching for Titan. Early Wednesday, the Coast Guard of the United States announced via social media. The Canadian P-3 Patrol aircraft detected noises while searching. It has also been repositioned and the information used to guide further efforts.


Five passengers, including British Billionaire, and others, went missing on the private submarine trip. Rescuers and Hamish Harding’s stepson, the Billionaire Hamish, are on the hunt to find them. The rescue team is concerned about the oxygen levels in the submarine.


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