Bryan Barbosa was an energetic 14-year-old boy full of potential and promise. Tragically though, his life ended tragically after an accident caused by himself sent shockwaves through South River. Bryan’s death left loved ones grieving the loss of such an exciting and promising life; they will always remember Bryan for his vibrant spirit, love of sports and dreams for his future.

On a Friday in South River, an unfortunate hit-and-run accident left Bryan Barbosa dead on the roadway after being hit by a van driving by without stopping for him – leading his friends and witnesses alike to remember this tragic event as it took place and its effects upon their community.

News of Bryan’s accident quickly spread throughout town, changing it from peaceful place into one filled with sorrow and shock. Bryan was such an essential member of their community whose death and consequent future prospects has left everyone reeling with sorrow and devastation.

Bryan Barbosa: Reducing Conflict Through Justice Bryan’s family, friends, and community members gathered at his accident site to honor and pay their respects in memory and sorrow of Bryan Barbosa. Near the intersection where it occurred was held a moving memorial vigil commemorating Bryan and paying their tributes for all he represented – his future potential and life itself were also celebrated here by attendees at this intersection.

Bryan Arena’s family responded to their sorrow and outrage by initiating a campaign for justice. Following extensive investigative efforts by investigators and law enforcement personnel, Michael Arena 63 admitted causing the accident which killed his father Bryan Arena; now facing criminal charges including aggravated murder and leaving the scene, prosecution is being filed in order to bring about truth and justice for them all.

Bryan Barbosa’s Legacy
Bryan’s radiant spirit and unfathomable potential brought great comfort to his community despite its loss. Bryan’s memory remains strong by reminding all its inhabitants about life’s value as well as taking responsible actions in our everyday lives.

Obituary for Bryan Barbosa
Bryan Barbosa will remain alive in our hearts forever as memories of him persist among family, friends, and community members after his untimely passing. His vibrant energy, inclusiveness, compassion, and passion for living will always remain present among those whose lives he touched.

Bryan, we mourn your passing yet honor your beauty of soul. Your kindness, resilience and joy will remain ever present as guides in this difficult time for his loved ones. Rest in Peace Bryan; Your memory will forever live on in our hearts.


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