This post gives details about the viral Carlisha Hood Shooting Video, which has spread on social media.

Know the story of Carlisha Hood? Do you know why Carlisha Hood is such a hot topic? The incident in the United States has shocked the entire world. Social media recently went crazy with a video showing Carlisha’s shooting.

The Carlishahood Shooting Video is viewed by millions who are curious to know more. The video raises serious questions about a citizen’s safety. The video has been a source of controversy for internet users. This article is a must-read if you haven’t seen the viral video.

What’s the content of Carlishahood’s viral shooting video?

The viral video depicts Carlisha Hood, 35, entering Maxwell Street Express, located at 11656 S Halsted Street Chicago, Illinois. Carlisha was with her son who is 14 at the time. Carlisha got into an argument with a man at the restaurant after some time.

According to the video which went virulent on Reddit, the man was aggressive and punched Carlisha a number of times. The man kept punching her in the face. Carlisha Hood’s son was upset by the sudden event. Hood’s child shot the man using his mother’s handgun. Carlisha’s daughter Carlisha hood shot the man multiple times.

What happened to the man?

A Twitter user by the name of @HelloKennedi shared the Carlisha and Son online. When the video was shared on social media, Jeremy Brown was identified as the man. Jeremy Brown was the man who appeared in the video. He is a 23 year old Chicagoan. Jeremy Brown, without his age and name, is an unknown.

Jeremy Brown, the son of Carlishahood, shot him three times. Jeremy Brown was killed by gunshots later that evening.

What did the police say about this Carlisha Hood Chicago Illinois video?

A police surveillance footage shows Carlisha Hood driving her son to the restaurant around 11pm in a Lincoln Nautilus. Carlisha went to the restaurant and ordered food while her son waited outside the car. After a time, Jeremy Brown went into the restaurant in order to argue Carlisha.

Police confirmed that Carlisha had sent her son a text while they were having an argument. Twitter users have claimed that Carlisha sent her son a text message telling him to shoot Jeremy Brown. Chicago police also confirmed that Carlisha Hood had sent her son Jeremy Brown’s shooting instructions.

Why did Jeremy Brown Jeremy Brown Carlishahood argue?

What caused their verbal dispute is unknown. Chicago police is trying to find out what caused their verbal argument. Chicago police department will release more information about this matter.

Did Carlishahood’s shooting become viral on Instagram

Instagram is a hotbed for viral videos. Instagram is a great place to find videos and video information. This topic has a number of videos and posts. We also searched for Carlisha Brown, Jeremy Brown and other Instagram accounts. We couldn’t find their Instagram profiles.

Where are the videos located?

You can watch the video on Twitter and other social media sites, including Reddit youtube. There are still a few short clips available on the internet, even though there is no full video.

What happened after the incident to Carlisha, her son and their mother?

According to the records of the Chicago Police, Carlisha and her son were arrested on Wednesday 21st. June. They were arrested at the 700 Block West 111th Street. According to the police, Carlisha also has a valid FOID as well as a CCL. Carlisha and her child had no criminal records.

Tiktok clips showed that Carlisha was arrested by police on the 22nd of Jun. She had a bond of $3 million. Carlisha’s child was in Cook County Juvenile custody. Carlisha was cleared of all charges on Monday, June 26.

How have ordinary people reacted?

This viral video has caused many people to react. Carlisha was accused by some of provoking her son Jeremy Brown into shooting him. Carlisha’s quick action was praised by many. Many people, after viewing the video of Carlisha’s child who filmed Telegram, believe that he did the right thing. You can read comments by regular people on our “Social Media Sites Links”.


Many people found the Carlisha Hood Shooting Video offensive. Some people feel it is wrong to encourage a teenager to commit crime. Some people were happy to see Carlisha Hood’s son released. Some people believe Carlisha did it in self-defense.


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